2707 Rotary Hammer Drill with 36mm Bit Holder

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-High efficiency 1500W motor with 3 operation modes: Drilling, Hammering and hammering with rotation
-Die-cast magnesium housing enables light weight, superior heat dissipation and enhances body strength
-Special grease lubrication system ensures higher efficiency and more durability
-360° anti-shock auxiliary Ronix-design handle provides a wide range of movement along with operator's comfort
-Double anti-vibration system reduces operator's fatigue and improves efficiency
-Unique chisel rotation system for adjusting hammering positions
-Variable speed setting provides you with more flexible choices when working under complex environment
-Electronic constant speed function for comfortable working in different operations
-Compact streamline design for comfort use in long operations
-Power indication light lets you know immediately when the cable breaks
-Extensive soft grip will reduce fatigue during long hours of working
-Overload safety clutch system can protect armature and ensures safety

1500W of Great Power

If you think you can drill into wood, steel or concrete without a Ronix 2707 Hammer Drill, think again! 2707 with 36mm bit holder is one of the most functional hammer drills in the market. A 1500W universal motor creates 4.5J of impact energy which is enough to demolish and drill in any material. Ergonomic and compact design of the body and the handles makes it suitable for all kind of hammer drilling operations. There is an airflow system to prevent heating of the body and also an AVS system to deal with vibration. 


Model 2707
Impact Energy 4.5J
Chuck Type SDS Plus
Chuck Size 36mm
Power 1500W
Frequency 50Hz
Max Capacity In Wood 40mm
Max Capacity In Steel 13mm
No-load RPM 0-800 RPM
Weight 5.1kg
Voltage 220V
Max Capacity in Concrete 36mm
Max Imapct Rate 2700 BPM
Supplied In BMC
Includes Scale bar, Auxiliary Ronix-design handle, 1 pair of carbon brushes, Grease pot, Spanner,(1)SDS plus drill bit 8*150,(1)SDS plus drill bit 10*150 ,(1)SDS plus drill bit 12*150, (1)SDS plus point chisel bit 250, (1)SDS plus flat chisel bit 14*250,

Detailed Description 2707 Rotary Hammer Drill with 36mm Bit Holder

Motor & Mechanism:

Hammer drilling is all about power and that makes the motor the most important part. A universal rotor/stator motor is exactly what 2707 needs to perfectly convert 220v of electric power to 4.5J energy in order to generate 2700BPM impact rate and 800 RPM no-load rotation speed. There are crankshafts in motor which deliver massive energy to the bit holder. Overload safety clutch system can protect amateurs from injury in case of bits or chisels get stuck. An extra pair of high-quality carbon brushes comes with the 2707 which gives the tool a longer life span.  

Bit Holder:

A 36mm SDS plus bit holder on 2707 holds different sizes of chisel bits as tight as possible for a better performance. This fully metal bit holder has a unique chisel rotation system for adjusting hammering position which can powerfully handle strong impacts. Maximum drilling capacities are 40mm in wood, 36mm in concrete and 13mm in steel. By having a 2707 you already have 3 drill bits in different sizes (8 – 10 – 12 * 150) and 2 chisel bits in different shapes (point and flat).        


2707’s design is considered to be clever and practical in many aspects:

  1. The die-cast magnesium housing enables light wight, superior heat dissipation and body strength enhancement.
  2. 360º anti-shock auxiliary handle provides wide range of movement along with operator’s comfort.
  3. Double anti-vibration system on the main handle dynamically resist against the kicks and prevent wrist injuries.
  4. Extensive soft rubber grips reduce fatigue during long hours of working.
  5. There are some splits under the motor to aid cooling system in order to deal with excess heat.
  6. There is a red power indication light on the right side of the body which let you know immediately when the cable breaks.


The trigger is designed in a way to help you control the speed and power. The more you pull the faster it rotates and kicks. There are two mode selector switches to set before you start operating according to the task that you want to do. Since there are signs around the switches it is very easy to set the tool on proper function mode.

All in all, if you are looking for a power tool to help you with your long working hours with extraordinary performance, 2707 is probably the best tool you can purchase.