5903 Cut-off Saw 355mm

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-Powerful, high performance 2400W motor ensures perfect functionality 
-Anti-dust ergonomic switch for reducing dust penetration and more convenient use
-Adjustable spark guard designed to divert sparks and ensures safety of operations
-Fence adjustment up to 45º for accurate angle cuts, adjusts in 2 positions for different material sizes
-Spindle lock system for easy and fast wheel changing and safety mechanism
-D-shape handle enables better gripping and more control during various cutting applications
-Strong, precise work piece clamp improves working performance especially in accurate cutting operations 

Cut steel standing on your head!

Ronix 5903 Cut-off Saw will be a wonderful addition to the craftsman’s home workshop, especially those who work with steel. Its brilliant motor with 2400W power and anti-dust switches have turned it into a user-friendly power tool. Everyone who works with steel knows the importance of the handle and body’s design in a power tool like this. That is when you can feel the difference of Ronix 5903 Cut-off Saw. Its light and ergonomically-designed body and D-shape handle are some of the unique features it has. Check out the detailed description to see some more features of the Ronix 5903 Cut-off saw.


Model 5903
Max Capacity in Round Steel 130mm
Max Capacity in Square Steel 120mm
Max Capacity in Rectangle Steel 120*130mm
Blade Diameter 355mm
Power 2400W
Frequency 50Hz
Weight 14.5Kg
Voltage 220V
Max Capacity in Angle Steel 140*140mm
No Load RPM 4100 RPM
Supplied In Ronix Color box
Includes Hex key, 355mm cutting wheel

Detailed Description 5903 Cut-off Saw 355mm


Ronix 5903 Cut-off Saw has got a high-performance and strong motor with a no-load speed of 4100 RPM. Ronix 5903 Cut-off Saw is designed industrially so you can make the best and fastest cuts in steel. It is equipped with a powerful 2400W motor working with 220V and 50Hz. Ronix 5903 Cut-off saw will be your greatest and quickest assistant in steelworks!

Cutting wheel:

Ronix 5903 Cut-off Saw with its diameter of 355mm has various max capacities in different steel shapes. Its max capacity is 130mm in round steel, 120mm in square steel, 120*130mm in rectangle steel and 140*140mm in angle steel. This would be a good advantage for those who look for the best quality cutting wheels for their power tool!


For transporting the tool easily on your worksite, a super light and compact design have been used in the 14.5kg body of Ronix 5903 Cut-off Saw. A D-shape handle has also been added to Ronix 5903 Cut-off Saw tool so you can grip the tool more effectively and have better control over the tool during different cutting applications. For improving your cutting operation, a workpiece clamp has been placed on the tool. You might find the fence adjustment of the tool handy either. This fence adjustment up to 45˚ can be placed in 2 positions for different sizes of materials, for accurate angle cutting in steel. Using a spark guard, sparks are diverted so there wouldn’t be any danger for the users.  Its switches with its anti-dust design decrease the dust penetration. If you need to change the wheel, the spindle lock system of Ronix 5903 Cut-off Saw will facilitate the process and keeps you safe. Safe and wonderful, isn’t it?

Ronix 5903 Cut-off Saw with its accessories such as a hex key and a 355mm cutting wheel, all come in a Ronix color box.

Ronix 5903 Cut-off Saw is a powerful tool with a 2400W motor and a no-load speed of 4100 RPM. This industrially designed power tool will aid you to accurately cut steel in different sizes using its great blade, piece clamp, D-shape handle and fence adjustment. We have provided all you need because “You’re Worth It.”