Cordless Screwdriver 8530

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-High performance motor enables perfect functionality in fastening with different torques
-Light-weight, ergonomic small body design for maximum efficiency and convenient use
-Provides up to 210 RPM and 5NM of torque for effortless operation
-High performance, long life and fast charging 1.5Ah, 3.6V Lithium battery
-Special advanced tool holder with perfect functionality
-15+1 clutch settings enable efficient and accurate screwing and drilling and reduce fastener damage
-Quick change chuck system for easy and fast bits replacement
-Equipped with LED torch which makes this tool as a 2-function tool
-Battery charging indicator lets you know the battery level fast and easy
-Fast charging system in charger provides optimum performances in tight working situations
-All-inclusive screwdriver set includes 39 applicable bits and sockets made from high quality S2 material plus charger
-Dual angle handle

Easier to Screw When You Have the Device for It!

Are you one of those people who has to deal with a lot of screws daily? Do you want a tool to help you screw all types of screws and bolts? Well, congratulation! We have the perfect tool for you. It’s a functional cordless screwdriver that saves your time and strength and will assist you in your chores. Ronix 8530 Cordless Screwdriver has a high-performance motor that enables perfect functionality in fastening with different levels of torque. The battery of this cordless tool is 1.5Ah. For a mind-blowing fast experience, it is recommended that you use this tool. 


Model 8530
Chuck Capacity 6.25mm-1/4 inch
Battery Chemistry Lithium
Battery Voltage 3.6V
Battery Capacity 1.5Ah
Max Torque 5NM
No-load RPM 210
Weight 420gr
Supplied In BMC
Includes 1 fast charger, 39 Accessories


Ronix 8530 motor provides up to 210 RPM and 5NM of torque for effortless operation. Maybe you would think that fastening the screws automatically would push them further inside, but this tool has a compartment that controls the strength of the operation and doesn’t let this be a problem for you to worry about. Ronix 8530 includes a 15+1 clutch setting that enable efficient and accurate screwing and drilling and reduced fastener damage. The higher the number the faster the device works.  

Bit Holder:

The chuck capacity for this device is 6.25mm. Changing the power and drill bits couldn’t be much effortless and faster than this. All you need to do is push the tip a little inside and you can hook the bits. Plus, the device comes with an all-inclusive screwdriver set that includes 39 applicable bits and socket bits made from high-quality S2 material.


The great thing about Ronix 8530 is that you don’t have to worry about the cord being short and all. The device’s battery has a high performance and a long life with a 3.6V Its capacity is 1.5Ah. The fast charging system in charger provides optimum performances in tight working situations. This cordless tool has also a battery charging indicator on its body that lets you know the battery level fast and easy.


Ronix has a reputation in an ergonomic design which makes using it more convenient and with better results. The Ronix 8530 Cordless Screwdriver is light-weight with an ergonomic small body. It has a dual angle handle which provides you with a better grasp. Therefore, you can work in different situations and at unusual angles. One of the best things about this device is that when using it, you don’t need a flash light; it is equipped with an LED torch which makes this tool a 2-function tool.

In the end, we must add that Ronix 8530 comes in a BMC which different power bits are placed in it.

If you need help with fasting and loosing screws this device will definitely help you save time and do your job effortlessly. With its power to control the strength automatically you can avoid damage in any way. Ronix 8530 Cordless Screwdriver is a must-have device for every handyman and a person who wants the job done right.