KHIND Insect Killer 55w IK-220

KHIND Insect Killer 55w IK-220

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Good for general uses: eateries, hotel Home etc. insect killer ik220 uses harmless UV light to attract flying insects then trap and eliminate them. It is non-chemical, non-toxic and radiation free hence is safe to use. It comes with removable tray for easy cleaning.

Features & Consumer Benefits:  

-Non chemical, nontoxic and radiation free

-Safe and hygienic

-Removable tray

-For easy cleaning

-Low energy consumption

-Energy saving

-High attraction UV tubes

-Mosquito free environment

-Safety defensive net


-Voltage: 220-240V ~ 50/60Hz

-Power: 55W

-Surge voltage: AC4000V

-UV tube: 2 x 20W

-Coverage area: 45m2

-Tube length: 580mm

-Weight: 8.8kg