Multifunctional High Pressure Washer, 1400W RP-2100

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-All in one high-efficient machine with 3 functions: Car washer, Vacuum cleaner and blower
-Powerful 1400W motor generates high water pressure for maximum cleaning power
-New design high-pressure gun for better functionality and more convenience
-Equipped with both adjustable and turbo lances which manufactured from high-quality raw material and let you easily control spray angle in different cleaning tasks
-5-meter high-quality PVC pressure hose for more durability and higher efficiency
-Total stop system automatically shuts off pump when trigger is not engaged and with the help of self-suction function ensures motor's long life and also save energy
-Built-in thermal protector controls the temperature of the motor during longtime working 
-External detergent tank for extra cleaning power and reducing cleaning time
-Automatic hose connector for easy and fast set up and quick inserting and removing of the hose
-With wheels and handles for easy movement

Point to Shine

Leave all the cleaning tasks to the Ronix 2100 Multifunctional Cleaning Equipment. A perfect 3 in 1 cleaning machine for household and industrial use with an excellent power-to-weight ratio. Ronix RP-2100 is not just an ordinary high-pressure washer but also an amazing vacuum cleaner and a great blower. This Multifunctional cleaning equipment is powered by a high-efficiency 1400W brush motor to generate the maximum pressure of 100Bar. This pressure gives you 6 L/Min flow rate which is more than enough to clean patios, driveways and decking, as well as washing cars, garden furniture, bikes and many other tasks. RP-2100 is not just a normal high-pressure washer but also a powerful vacuum cleaner and blower.  Total stop system and built-in-thermal protector are two fantastic features which make Ronix unique among all the other competitors.



Model RP-2100
Motor Type Brush
Max Pressure 100 Bar
Max Suction  Power
280 W
Max Vacuum Degree
16 KPA
Output Power
Max Water Flow
65 L/Min
Supplied In
Ronix color box
Includes Quick connector, Water inlet nut, Adjustable and turbo lances, 5-meter high-pressure PVC hose, Detergent tank, High-pressure gun, 5-meter power cord, Floor Brush, Furniture Brush, Bristle Brush & Crevise Nozzle.

Detailed Description Multifunctional High Pressure Washer, 1400W  RP-2100

brush motors are the best to use in this high pressure tools and RP-2100 has a 1400W of this kind. As soon as electric power runs through the switch, the motor starts rotating. This rotation will pump the air into the tank causing pressure with a crankshaft driven brass pumps and ceramic-coated pistons. The motor housing is sealed with packings and O-rings to prevent water penetration. Cleaning could be a time-consuming task; that’s why RP-2100 has a built-in-thermal protector which controls the temperature of the motor during longtime working.

This all-in-one high-efficient machine with three functions of high pressure washer, vacuum cleaner and a blower is a device to have for almost every houses and garages.  The high pressure washer function is fully effective due to new design high-pressure gun for better functionality and more convenience. RP-2100 comes with both adjustable and turbo lances manufactured from high-quality raw material to let you have a full control of spray angle in different tasks. 5-meter PVC pressure hose comes with the device for more durability and higher efficiency.

The powerful vacuum cleaning function uses 1000W of the motor output to perfectly suck everything in with 16KPA maximum vacuum degree.

The perfect performance of Ronix 2100 Multifunctional cleaning equipment all goes back to its outstanding design. Many features have been predicted in this amazing machine for being user-friendly to all. One of these features is the automatic hose connectors for easy and fast set up which saves you a lot of time. Another feature is the design of the wheels and handle which enables easy movement and transportation in case of long cleaning operation.

Many useful accessories are there in the box to aid you to perform the best cleaning operation of all time. Floor and furniture brushes help to do the vacuum tasks on different surfaces more efficiently. Bristle and crevice brushes also there on the device to make sure that no corner or spot stays dirty.

Ronix 2100 Multifunctional cleaning equipment is what every body need to clean houses, cars, yards, gardening tools, rooms, carpets and nearly everything you think of.