Ronix Hand tools set-52 PCS RS-0006

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- The set can be used in indoor and outdoor and for most house maintenance, industrial projects and etc.

- A diverse collection of sizes and types of bits, twist drill, masonry drills and etc with diverse and wide applications.

- Made of high quality material, forged at high temperature, high strength, high hardness, durability, corrosion resistance.

- All the tools are packed in a BMC , compact carrying case for storage and easy portability.

-Equipped with a powerful impact drill 750W which has the best performances in drilling and impact drilling.

- Dual mode: hammerdrill/drill for wood, steel, or masonry applications

Small Dimensions, the Numbers Blow Your Mind

The Ronix RS-0006 drill set includes 52 handy tools and accessories, which are delivered to the global tool market in a Ronix BMC impact-resistant storage box. This set consists of a 750-watt impact drill and a variety of utility screws and drill bits. The set can be used indoors and outdoors, for most house maintenance, industrial projects, etc..

Hand tools set-52 PCS_details


Item package quantity
Net Weight
Chuck Type
13mm key chuck
Chuck Capacity
1.5 mm13to
No-Load Speed
Max Capacity in Wood
Max Capacity in Angle Steel
Max Capacity in Concrete
Weight 1.73kg
Body Material
Package dimensions
320mm * 290mm * 100mm
Drill Includes
Chuck key, Side handle, Depth gauge
52Psc drill bit, Screw, Bits, Epansion Tube
twist drill HSS 2.5/3/3.5/4/4.5/5/5.5/6/6.5/7/8/، Wood flat drill 12/16/20، Masonry drill 4/5/6/8/10، Wood drill 4/5/6/8/10، Bits ADA 60، Bits 25mm V H2/V H3/V H4/V H5/V H6/VT10/VT15/VT20/VT25/VT30/V sl4/V sl5/V sl6/V sl7/VPZ1/VPZ2/VPZ3/VPH1/VPH2/VPH3، Fastener box PP 110mm*74mm*23mm، Expansion Tube 10PCS PE Φ5 mm/Φ6 mm/Φ8 mm، SCREW 10PCS A3 Φ5*25/Φ4*20/Φ3*16


Detailed Description

Ronix 52pcs set model RS-0006 is a collection of one powerful impact drill with various types of bits, twist drills, masonry drills, etc. that can meet your needs at home and in professional applications.

Ronix RS-0006, 52PCS Impact Drill Set:

Ronix RS-0006 52pcs hand tool set is a set consisting of an impact drill and a variety of bits, screws, sockets, etc. Keep reading to learn more about the components and internals of this complete and functional set.

Motor and mechanism:

This 52-piece hand tool set features a powerful 750-watt impact drill that delivers the ultimate in drilling and hammering performance. Its dual-mode: impact drilling and drilling, makes the tool ready for use indoors and outdoors, for most house maintenance, industrial projects, etc. The high impact rate of this drill included in this tool kit allows it to penetrate the hardest materials and offer the best performance in both the hammer mode and the normal drilling mode. The Ronix impact drill motor included in the RS-0006 kit operates with 750 watts of power, 220-240 volts, and a frequency of 50-60 Hz. This drill is capable of creating a speed in the range of 0-2700 revolutions per minute in free mode.


You need different bits to make holes of different diameters in different materials such as wood, concrete, etc. The all-metal keyed chuck in this product allows you to attach bits up to 13 mm in diameter. To facilitate the replacement of bits in different applications, a chuck key is included with this product. The maximum drilling capacity of this drill is 25 mm in wood and 13 mm in metals and concrete.


A diverse collection of sizes and types of bits, twist drills, masonry drills, glass drills, etc. are manufactured to the highest precision and quality to meet your needs. The impact drill and all other metal parts in this collection are hardened and corrosion-resistant and have very high durability. The small, lightweight body of the impact drill in this kit, weighing in at 1.73 kg, makes it easy to use this tool in long-term applications. In addition, this drill has an ergonomic side handle that minimizes vibration while working. The total weight of this hand tool set is 3.54 kg.


The Ronix RS-0006 impact drill is equipped with heavy-duty, dust-resistant switches. Because the drilling operation produces a lot of dust, these dust-proof switches increase the life of this power tool.

Accessories and packaging:

You will receive the Ronix RS-0006 52pcs impact drill set in a hard, compact, and carrying BMC case, for easy storage and portability.
the impact drill itself comes with a chuck key, a side handle, and a depth gauge.
But you can find in the whole 320*290*100mm package: twist HSS drill bits (2.5/3/3.5/4/4.5/5/5.5/6/6.5/7/8mm), wood flat drill bits (12/16/20mm), masonry drill bits 4/5/6/8/10mm), wood drill bits (4/5/6/8/10mm), ADA bit 60, bits 25mm V H2, V H3, V H4, V H5, V H6, VT10, VT15, VT20, VT25, VT30, V sl4, V sl5, V sl6, V sl7, VPZ1, VPZ2, VPZ3, VPH1, VPH2, VPH3, a fastener box PP (110mm*74mm*23mm), 10pcs expansion tubes, PE Φ5 mm, Φ6 mm, Φ8 mm, 10pcs screws, A3 Φ5*25, Φ4*20, Φ3*16.