2210 Impact Drill with 13mm Keyed Chuck

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-High resistance, overload, and high power 810W motor for perfect functionality  in drilling and impact drilling
-Double bearings inside system for more durability and longer service life
-Full metal, strong 13mm keyed chuck
-360° rotating ergonomic side handle minimizes vibration and enables continuous low-fatigue work
-Forward and reverse rotation functions
-Anti-dust switch and variable-speed reversing function for accurate bit starting
-Vario (V)-Electronics for working at customized speeds to suit various application materials
-Includes a bit holder which is placed on the auxiliary handle and also a depth gauge

Experience the Real Drilling Power

At one point in life, every modern person will feel the need to have or use a drill. Whether you want to assemble that new piece of furniture you just bought or you want to make a toy house in the yard for your child, you will need to drill a lot of holes in different materials. This is where our 2210 Impact Drill shines. The Ronix 2210 Impact Drill has an extremely powerful motor which delivers a power of 810W to make holes in wood and metal workpieces. It is also equipped with hammering function, so that you can drill in concrete and tougher materials with it. Its BMC case makes transporting the power tool easier and its exclusively designed auxiliary handle, provides the users with exceptional comfort during long hours of working. 

 Corded Impact Drill, 810W, Keyed Chuck_details


Model 2210
Chuck Type Keyed
Chuck Size 13mm
Power 810W
Frequency 50Hz
Max Capacity In Wood 25mm
Max Capacity In Steel 13mm
No-load RPM 0-3000 RPM
Weight 2.4kg
Max Capacity In Masonry 13mm
Max Impact Rate 48000 BPM
Voltage 220V
Supplied In BMC
Includes Auxiliary Ronix-design handle, Depth gauge, Chuck key

Detailed Description 2210 Impact Drill with 13mm Keyed Chuck


To handle a wide range of drilling applications, the Ronix 2210 Impact Drill has an 810W motor which is designed to be highly resistant. This overloaded and high-power motor provides perfect functionality in various types of drilling projects. To enable the users to drill through hard workpieces and walls, 2210 has a hammering function which makes this drill more practical. The 810W motor of this impact drill can produce a maximum impact rate of 48000 BPM which is really practical considering its weight and design. It can also deliver a no-load speed of 0 to 3000 RPM for drilling in different kinds of materials. There is a double bearing inside system included in this drill which ensures durability and longer service life.


The Ronix 2210 Impact Drill has a full metal and strong keyed chuck to bring exceptional gripping force which is necessary in heavy-duty applications and ensures maximum efficiency. This chuck can hold drill bits up to 13mm in diameter. The Ronix 2120’s drilling capacity in wood is 25mm. However, this drill can make holes in steel and concrete which are 13mm in diameter. To help the users easily tighten or loosen the chuck to change drill bits, there is a chuck key included in the packaging of the Ronix 2210 Impact Drill.


For a lot of workers, working long hours with power tools becomes tiring and in some extreme cases, it may result in irrecoverable damages. That is because some power tools are not produced according to ergonomics principles. We at Ronix believe that it is our commitment to deliver top-quality and highly ergonomic tools to our users. This is why the Ronix 2210 Impact Drill has an auxiliary handle. This 360-degree rotating Ronix-design handle enables the users to change the position of the handle to have better machine control and work in a more precise way. To reduce hand fatigue and the amount of vibration transferred to the user, this handle is designed to be anti-vibration. In addition, there is a bit holder included in this auxiliary handle. Therefore, you can easily store your most used drilling bits in this bit holder to operate faster. To adjust the depth of holes you want to drill in different workpieces, there is an easy-to-use accessory in the Ronix 2210 Impact Drill’s BMC case called depth gauge. With this depth gauge, you do not have to worry about damaging the other side of the wall or the wires and pipes inside.


To drill holes in various materials with various thicknesses and resistances, the Ronix 2210 is equipped with a Vario (V)-Electronics switch. Therefore, you can easily adjust the rotation speed to adapt to different materials and applications. As there is a large amount of dust involved in drilling projects, the switches of these amazing impact drills are designed to be anti-dust to reduce dust penetration and improve the life cycle of this power tool. The forward/reverse function of the Ronix 2210 Impact Drill is also another amazing feature of this drill which becomes really helpful in heavy-duty applications. Additionally, the reversing function helps accurate bit starting.

To say it short, the Ronix 2210 Impact Drill delivers an exceptional performance in various drilling and hammer drilling applications. With its high-resistance and overload 810W motor, it can provide a no-load speed up to 3000 RPM and a maximum impact rate of 48000 BPM. So, if you are looking for real drilling power, this impact drill can be a great choice for you.


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