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Plumbing Materials

PP-R (Random Copolymer Polypropylene) Pipe is plastic pipe which has been designed for hot and cold water supply and distribution. PP-R pipe, “SLYM” brand, is made from high quality material. PP-R Pipe can be used for potable water supply and distribution because of its non toxicity. PP-R also has been designed with its advantages of eco-friendly, long service life and excellent chemical resistance. Antibacterial PP-R Pipe is plastic which has been designed for water flows through a pipe with a layer of nanoparticles consisting of IONPURE silver (nano-silver ion inorganic antibacterial agent) as a deterrent and kills the bacteria that cause various diseases.

Sealants, Adhesives and Glues

Starting its operations in chemical constructions field in 2001, Akfix focused on developing eco-friendly, life-esteem chemical products and technologies to create permanent solutions for customer needs. Developing different products on different customer needs, Akfix serves to his customers a wide product range of: • Adhesives & Glues • Sealants & Silicones • PU Foams • Technical Aerosols • Waterproofing and Heat Insulation products • Automotive After Care Products • Industrial Products • Disenfectants With its proliferative know-how and knowledge, Akfix comes up to be an ideal MASTER OF SOLUTIONS, who is a real professional and international player in polyurethane foam and sealants market, development and suply. It CREATES PERMANENT SOLUTIONS to support and complete professional building and construction companies in all their operations.

Power Tools and Hand Tools

Ronix is an international brand, active in the tools industry and its related equipment. With the help of our vast experience, extended background, and constant innovations, we produce a variety of high-quality products, all according to the global state-of-the-art technology, through 500 suppliers in 15 countries worldwide. Since 2005, Ronix has become a leading tools company in the Middle East and an international brand, specializing in manufacturing a wide variety of professional tools. Currently, the company has offices in Europe (Germany) and China. Over the past 15 years, Ronix has developed more than 2,000 different types of tools, all lovingly crafted with Ronix’s undisputed and world-class standards.

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