Corded Impact Drill, 450W 2121

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-High efficiency, powerful 450W motor for the best performances in drilling and impact drilling

-Light-weight, ergonomic impact drill suitable for all kinds of applications in different materials

-High impact rate enables maximum efficiency in impact drilling mode

-10mm keyed chuck for maximum efficiency

-Ergonomic small body design provides maximum power at minimum weight

-Compact and handy structure with ergonomic grip

-Variable speed control enables working at customized speeds in order to adopt to various materials and applications

-Anti-dust switch for reducing dust penetration

-Forward and reverse rotation functions.

Experience the Real Drilling Power

The Ronix 2121 Impact Drill which only weighs 1.4kg is the perfect power tool for continuous working. Its highly effective and powerful 450W motor delivers the best performance which is suitable both for drilling and impact drilling applications.

This strong motor provides best performance in various types of drilling projects. To facilitate making holes in highly resistant workpieces and walls, 2121 has a hammering function which makes this drill more practical. The 450W motor of this impact drill can produce a maximum impact rate of 42000 BPM and a maximum no-load speed of 3200 RPM. These numbers make this impact drill competent for a wide range of applications.

To hold various drill bits and make accurate holes on a construction sites, the Ronix 2121 Impact Drill has a 10mm keyed chuck to bring force which is necessary in heavy-duty applications and ensures maximum efficiency. This chuck can hold drill bits up to 10mm in diameter. The Ronix 2121’s drilling capacity in wood is 20mm. However, this drill can make holes in steel and concrete which are 10mm in diameter. To help the users easily tighten or loosen the chuck to change drill bits, there is a chuck key included in the packaging of the Ronix 2121 Impact Drill.

Ronix 2121 Impact Drill is light in weight considering its power and capabilities; it provides maximum power at minimum weight. With its small and compact body design, you can work and move easily around your workshop and even at a construction site. To reduce hand fatigue, this power tool is also equipped with an ergonomic grip.

To drill holes in various materials with various thickness and resistance, the Ronix 2121 Impact Drill has a variable speed control. By using this control, you can easily adjust the speed in order to adapt to various materials and functions. As there is a large amount of dust involved in drilling projects, the switches of these amazing impact drills are designed to be anti-dust to reduce dust penetration and improve the life cycle of this power tool. The forward/reverse function of the Ronix 2121 Impact Drill is also another amazing feature of this drill which becomes really helpful in heavy-duty and screwing applications.


Model 2121
Chuck Type Keyed
Chuck Size 10mm
Power 450W
Max capacity in wood 20mm
Max capacity in steel 10mm
Max impact rate 42000 BPM
Max capacity in concrete 10mm
Weight 1.4kg
Voltage 220v
Includes Chuck Key

Detailed Description

Ronix Corded Impact Drill, 450W is a high-torque, handheld designed tool, which its head features a keyed chuck that holds the bits securely in place. This Drills is designed to be used for drilling holes and to drive in screws and other small fasteners, most commonly. it makes a great choice for quick projects around the home.


The Ronix 2121 Corded Impact Drill, 450W features a 450W motor that is intended as a highly robust engine to handle a wide range of drilling tasks. This powerful engine delivers excellent results in a variety of drilling applications. The 2121 drill includes a hammering function that makes it easier to drill holes in extremely resistant workpieces and walls. This impact drill's 450W engine can deliver a maximum impact rate of 42000 BPM and a no-load speed of 3200 RPM. These figures indicate that this impact drill is capable of a wide range of tasks.


The Ronix 2121 Impact Drill includes a 10mm keyed chuck to accommodate multiple drill bits and produce precise holes on building sites, bringing the force required in heavy-duty tasks and ensuring optimum efficiency. This chuck can handle drill bits with a diameter of up to 10mm. In wood, the Ronix 2121 has a drilling capacity of 20mm. This drill, on the other hand, can drill holes up to 10mm in diameter in steel and concrete. A chuck key is provided in the package of the Ronix 2121 Impact Drill to assist users quickly tighten or loosen the chuck to change drill bits.


Working for lengthy periods of time with a large power tool is bound to cause injury to the employees, since they must constantly bear this enormous weight. At Ronix, we feel it is our mission to supply top-quality and highly ergonomic tools to our users in order to give the most pleasant working experience for tool operators. This is why, despite its power and capabilities, the Ronix 2121 Impact Drill is lightweight; it delivers maximum power at a weight of only 1.4kg. You can operate and move around your workshop and even on a building site with ease thanks to its tiny and compact body design. An ergonomic handle is included with this power tool to prevent hand fatigue.


The Ronix 2121 Impact Drill includes a variable speed control for drilling holes in a variety of materials with varying thickness and resistance. You can simply alter the speed using this control to fit to varied materials and functions. Because drilling projects generate a lot of dust, the switches on the Ronix 2121 Corded Impact Drill, 450W are intended to be anti-dust to prevent dust penetration and extend the life of this power tool. The Ronix 2121 Impact Drill's forward/reverse operation is another useful feature of this drill that might come in in in heavy-duty and screwing situations.

Finally, the Ronix 2121 Impact Drill includes a 480W motor that may be used for a variety of drilling and impact drilling tasks. This power tool's compact construction and tiny body design make it ideal for continuous operations. Trust the Ronix 2121 and start your drilling journey with it if you need a high-quality, powerful, and compact impact drill that will last a long time.


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