Clenid Washing Machine Cleaner

Clenid Washing Machine Cleaner

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Get rid of detergent residues, dirt, mold, bad odors and stubborn lime from your machine in 3 steps with Clenid Washing Machine Cleaner, ensure immaculate hygiene in your machine. Use Clenid Washing Machine Cleaner regularly and extend the life of your machine.


  • Empty your machine. Mix 100 ml product (about one tea cup ), half bucket of (4 lt) water. Keep detergent tank in this mixture for about 30 minutes.
  • Then rinse the tank and place back its place. Pour a small amount of Clenid Washing Machine Cleaner on a cleaning cloth and clean your machine’s rubber.
  • Wait for a while and wipe off with a wet cloth.
  • Pour the rest of the product into the main wash detergent compartment and run your washing machine at 60 ° C in the main wash program without prewash; do not add detergent.
  • Product is single use only. Suitable for all washing machines.
  • Use once in every 3 months.
Do not mix with other cleaning materials and never use them together. Do not use in scratched, worn, damaged devices.

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