2220 Impact Drill with13mm Keyed Chuck

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-High resistance, powerful 1050W motor for the best performances in drilling and impact drilling
-Durable, strong 13mm keyed chuck secures maximum efficiency
-Metal gearbox enables heavy-duty applications and improves service life
-High impact rate for the best efficiency in impact drilling mode
-360° rotating ergonomic side handle minimizes vibration and enables continuous low-fatigue work
-2 speed functions competent for both high-speed and high-power applications
-Anti-dust switch for reducing dust penetration
-Variable speed control for working at customized speeds to suit various application materials
-Forward and reverse rotation functions
-Includes a bit holder which is placed on the auxiliary handle and also a depth gauge

Anything in Highest Range

A heavy-duty and powerful impact drill can cover a huge amount of drilling needs in your house and industrial jobsite. Spend your money on Ronix 2220 Impact Drill with no doubt. It is a heavy-duty power tool and really powerful. If you just want to do the light-duty routine woodworking and metalworking, you could buy an electric drill. But by operating 2220, you will have absolute power, high speed and superior torque in your hands. Its high-resistance muscular motor is 1050W in power and when you push the anti-dust trigger, the full-metal durable keyed chuck starts to rotate with max speed of 1100RPM and 2800RPM in 2 speed functions. By getting to the maximum impact rate of 16500BPM and 42000BPM in these 2 functions, no wood, steel or concrete workpiece can resist. These 2 different speeds are absolutely competent for both higher-speed/lower-torque and lower-speed/higher-torque applications. The max drilling capacity of 2220 Impact Drill in wood is 30mm in diameter and it will be 13mm in steel and 16mm inside concrete. Its high impact rate is precisely engineered to result the best efficiency in impact drilling mode. 


Model 2220
Chuck Type Keyed
Chuck Size 13mm
Power 1050W
Frequency 50Hz
Max Capacity In Wood 30mm
Max Capacity In Steel 13mm
No-load RPM 0-1100 RPM 0-2800 RPM
Weight 3.5kg
Max Impact Rate 16500 BPM 42000 BPM
Voltage 220V
Max Capacity in Concrete 16mm
Supplied In BMC
Includes Auxiliary Ronix-design handle, Depth gauge, Chuck key

Detailed Description 2220 Impact Drill with13mm Keyed Chuck

Motor, Gearbox & Mechanism:

The industrially-designed, universal rotor/stator motor is the core of Ronix 2220 Impact Drill that delivers 1050W power for the best performance in both drilling and impact drilling. It is quite similar with the performance of all drills. But what makes a huge difference between 2220 and other tools in its level is the durable high-resistance full-metal gearbox. It enables our Ronix Impact Drill to deal with heavy-duty applications and improves service life. But why the 2220’s gearbox is its competitive advantage?

Full-metal gearbox means minimum wear and tear, long-lasting performance and higher efficiency. All the gears and ball bearings are made and forged from high-quality alloy. The most important point about the gearbox is the 2-speed function. The first setting delivers maximum speed of 1100RPM but with higher power and the second setting brings maximum speed of 2800RPM with less torque. This mechanism enables Ronix 2220 to work competently with both high-speed and especially high-power modes which need more force in both drilling and impact drilling applications. This powerful gearbox with its high-quality metal-forged gears and housing allows you to put the desired amount of pressure to engage the bit to drill inside any kinds of masonry like concrete, bricks, blocks and stones.

As it was mentioned before, this impact drill works in 2 modes, drilling and impact drilling. The dual-mode selector switch determines which mode to go with, rotation-only for drilling and hammer-drill for impact drilling. The mechanism of impact drilling function is very simple but the result is destructive and amazing inside any concrete, even with the highest level of density. By operating this mode, the teeth of two special gears around the shaft which are placed before the chuck engage and when the spinning starts, the spring between them will be compressed and released back and forth. Finally, the result will be 42000BPM of the maximum impact rate for Ronix 2220 Impact Drill.


All the power and speed, resulted from the motor and gearbox, come to their final destination which is the chuck. As it was mentioned before, our 2220 Impact Drill delivers max drilling capacity of 40mm in wood, 13mm in steel and 16mm inside concrete. Nothing can handle this huge amount of torque, speed and capacity but a durable and strong 13mm keyed chuck which secures maximum efficiency.


At first, when you look at 2220, you see a sturdy metal front housing, a 360° rotating auxiliary handle, a pistol-grip handle including 4 different switches and controllers and a built-in depth gauge. But when you hold it and work with it, you feel absolute power in your hands which gives you a feeling of calm confidence. The gearbox’s metal housing ensures durability, strength and top efficiency. The 360° rotating ergonomic side handle minimizes vibration and enables continuous low-fatigue work with absolute torque control. The pistol-grip handle includes a compact ergonomic design with soft grip that has almost all the controllers conveniently inside itself. The built-in depth gauge removes the “guess-work” from reaching the right depth. Its efficient performance next to the unique design of the body enables all kinds of drilling and impact drilling applications in different materials to gain a high level of productivity.


There are six anti-dust controllers designed on the body of Ronix 2220 Impact Drill, the dual-mode selector switch, the 2-speed settings knob, the lock-on button, the On/Off trigger, the dimmer switch and the forward/reverse function button. The dual mode selector enables the operator to work on applications with drilling and impact drilling functions. The 2-speed settings knob controls the 2 main functions of 2220 for both high-speed and high-power applications and is placed exactly on the gearbox. To have a continuous operation and reduce hand fatigue during a non-stop trigger hold, the lock-on button is exactly placed beside the trigger for better ergonomic use. The anti-dust trigger, which includes the dimmer switch inside itself, is ergonomically designed for reducing dust penetration. Finally, on top of the trigger, you can find the forward/reverse function button which causes the clockwise and counter clockwise rotation of the chuck.

Operating 2220 Impact Drill is easy and because of its hammering function, almost all long-time tasks will be done in a few seconds. The amount of work that can be done with this durable and high-resistance power tool is unbelievable. Just plug it in and push the trigger with full power. don’t worry about the rest.