Demolition Hammer 2806

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-High efficiency 950W motor delivers 10J of impact energy which is most suitable in vertical operations
-Die-cast aluminum housing enables light weight, superior heat dissipation and enhances body strength
-360° auxiliary Ronix-design anti-shock handle provides a wide range of movements along with operator's comfort
-Double anti-vibration system reduces operational fatigue and improves efficiency
-Unique chisel rotation system for adjusting the hammering positions
-Electronic constant speed function for comfortable working in different operations
-Auto-stop carbon brush system can protect armature extensively
-Extraordinary demolition speed system can be absolutely comparable with leading brands in its level
-Power indication light lets you know immediately when the cable breaks
-Extensive soft grip will reduce fatigue during long hours of working

Demolishing at its best!

If you are working in tighter jobsites less amount of demolition is needed and accuracy with precision is necessary, then the power of a 950W motor is absolutely enough for what you are doing. What makes the Ronix 2806 demolition hammer different from other types of its own kind is its 6.8kg lighter weight and for sure the anti-vibration system which reduces operational fatigue and improves efficiency. The combination of 10J impact energy and maximum rate of 2900 beats per minute will lead to larger, more accurate and faster demolishing operations. Because it is mostly used in horizontal positions, a wide range of movements in a power tool like it is necessary along with the operator’s comfort. In order to get it done, a 360° auxiliary Ronix designed anti-shock handle is provided to make everything possible around the worksite.



Model 2806
Impact Energy 10J
Chuck Type HEX
Power 950W
Frequency 50Hz
Weight 6.5kg
Max Impact Rate 2900 BPM
Voltage 220V
Supplied In Ronix Box
Includes Auxiliary Ronix-design handle, (1) hex pointed chisel, (1) wrench,(2) carbon brushes, Oil bottle

Detailed Description Demolition Hammer 2806

Motor Inside the Ronix 2806 demolition hammer, there is a 950W motor that every part of it is industrially produced with automatic machinery, including the rotor and stator. One of the advantages of this power tool alongside the weight and all of its major features is that it is specifically designed for medium and especially light demolishing needs. And also, when the motor becomes overloaded with a lot of work, the safety clutch system ensures the operator’s and the armature’s protection.

The hammering mechanism To adjust the hammering positions and increase the efficiency of each bit (the max impact rate is 2900 beats per minute), a 17mm HEX bit holder is included in Ronix 2806. The power and energy that is provided and transferred to this HEX bit holder, comes from the hammering system including heat-resistant O-rings and high-quality gears, cylinder, piston, connecting rod and hammering shaft made of the best alloys and materials. Because of its lighter weight and suitable size, it could be used in a wide variety of operations. So, the electronic constant speed function in 2806 moves toward comfortable working in different types of activities.

Switch As a demolition hammer which is used for one purpose in every worksite, the Ronix 2806 is equipped with high-quality switches. Around an operator at a construction site who is holding a Ronix 2806, there would be a lot of dust and the only solution to guarantee durable performance of this tool is the anti-dust switch which comes with a switch-lock key for constant and long works.

Housing Like the other types of demolition and rotary hammers designed and made by high quality materials in Ronix, our 2806 demolition hammer is specifically made of die-cast aluminum alloy which is a great material to enhance body strength of power tools and reduce the amount of increasing heat during operations. If you have ever experienced the older generations of such power tools, you are aware of the exhaustion during work. Imagine the double anti-vibration system included in 2806. The result is comfort and reduction in operational fatigue.

From breaking down any types of masonry to working on redesigning walls and surfaces, Ronix 2806 demolition hammer is a suitable device for anyone with or without technical skills. You only need to choose your tool according to your needs to achieve maximum productivity. We will definitely help you on this path.