Porcoz Steam Iron Cleaner

Porcoz Steam Iron Cleaner

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With the specially formulated Porçöz Small Home Appliances Cleaner, you can easily clean the limescale accumulated in small household appliances such as steam iron, kettle, espresso, tea and coffee makers that make your life easier. Maintain your machine by using it regularly and add life to its life.



  • Switch off and unplug the device and drain any remaining water before cleaning. Ensure iron is switched off during cleaning.
  • Apply on a suitable surface as the solution will run through iron during cleaning.
  • Pour a half bottle of product (200 ml) into iron’s water chamber.
  • Add the same amount of water into water chamber, avoid overflow and leave for 1-2 minutes.
  • Press steam or desca-ling button without switching on the iron to ensure that cleaning solution drains through steam holes on the base.
  • Solution will clean the iron by running through the base. Repeat procedure until cleaning solution in the iron runs dry.
  • Once the cleaning is complete, top up iron’s water chamber with clean water and repeat the same procedure to rinse iron.
  • It is recommended to iron a spare piece of fabric before using for the first time after cleaning.
Never switch on the device while cleaning kettle and iron. Make sure to follow the steps in manufacturer’s instructions to clean Espresso, Tea and Coffee Makers. Do not mix or use with other cleaning agents. Do not apply on scratched, damaged or worn-out devices.