2726 Rotary Hammer Drill with 26mm SDS-PLUS Bit Holder

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-High performance rotary hammer drill with 4 functions: Drilling, Hammer drilling, Chiseling and Releasing
-Large capacity cylinder for stronger 3.5J impact energy and more efficiency
-360° anti-shock auxiliary Ronix-design handle
-SDS Plus tool-free bit system with automatic bit locking mechanism
-Lock button switch for comfortable working in continuous operations
-Cable-protecting ball joint for optimal freedom of motion when working
-Safety torque clutch system for high protection
-Die-cast aluminum housing enables lightweight, superior heat dissipation and enhances body strength

Perfect fit for heavy-duty needs

Heavy-duty tasks require heavy-duty tools that are specifically designed for those applications. You cannot just simply take a regular drill and start making holes in a concrete wall. You need a powerful assistant. This is when the Ronix 2726 Rotary Hammer Drill shines! With its extremely powerful 850W motor, this exceptional rotary hammer drill is ready to take on challenges from drilling, hammer drilling and chiseling hard workpieces. It delivers 3.5J of impact energy on the surface, so if you are looking for a robust power tool to assist you in drilling and also demolition, the Ronix 2726 is the right tool for you. 


Model 2726
Impact Energy 3.5J
Chuck Type SDS Plus
Chuck Size 26mm
Power 850W
Frequency 50Hz
Max Capacity In Wood 30mm
Max Capacity In Steel 13mm
No-load RPM 0-1200 RPM
Weight 3kg
Voltage 220V
Max Capacity in Concrete 40mm
Supplied In Ronix color box
Includes BMC, Accessories

Detailed Description 2726 Rotary Hammer Drill with 26mm SDS-PLUS Bit Holder

Motor: The motor of the Ronix 2726 rotary hammer drill is designed for high performance under heavy-duty applications. It can generate power to do these main functions, simple drilling less dense materials, hammer drilling for tougher workpieces, and chiseling for demolition purposes. This drill is also equipped with a fourth function, the releasing. With this releasing function, you can adjust the working angle which can become really handy in demolition projects. This amazing rotary hammer drill has also a large capacity cylinder for more efficiency and strength. The maximum no-load speed of this power tool is 1200RPM.

Safety System: Rotary hammer drills are really powerful tools, sometimes this power might cause problems. For example, when working with a rotary hammer drill, the drill bit might get stuck in concrete or hard stones. To avoid injuries, the Ronix 2726 Rotary Hammer Drill is equipped with a safety torque clutch system.

Bit holder: The Ronix 2726 is equipped with an SDS-plus bit holder that is able to hold drill bits up to 26mm in diameter and flat or pointed chisels. This bit holder is also tool free and automatic, which makes the user work faster when changing different drill bits and chisels. With this 26mm chuck, you can make 30mm holes in wood, 13mm holes in steel and 40mm holes in concrete.

Housing: To maximize durability and strength in the Ronix 2726 rotary hammer drill, we use die cast aluminum housing which also plays a role in superior heat dissipation. In addition, using a metal like aluminum in the body of this drill, results in the overall weight of the tool, making this tool light considering how powerful it is.  The exclusive Ronix designed auxiliary handle has made working with this tool even simples. This practical handle can rotate in 360 degrees and is also anti-shock to reduce the vibration that users may feel during drilling or chiseling.

Switch: This power tool has a lock button switch that is extremely practical in continuous hours of work and reduces fatigue over time.

Cord: To deliver the best performance and protect the cord, this rotary hammer drill has a cable-protecting ball point for optimal freedom of motion when working.

This tool comes is a protective BMC case and has accessories like drill bits. If you are searching for a powerful rotary hammer drill to meet your various heavy-duty needs like drilling, hammer drilling or demolition, the Ronix 2726 Rotary Hammer Drill is good choice considering its practical features.