Circular Saw 235mm, 4320

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-Durable, heavy duty 2000W motor enables outstanding cutting performance
-Robust machine which delivers 4200 RPM for greater speed and faster efficient cuts
-Ergonomic Ronix-design side handle for ease of use and reducing user fatigue
-Suitable for fast and precise cutting in different woodworking applications
-Spindle lock system for easy and fast wheel changing and safety mechanism
-High-performance guard design for controlling chip and dust wood ejection
-Bevel adjustment with detents at 45 and 90 degrees
-Adjustable cutting depth enables different working applications
-Well balanced design for superior handling and performance
-Easy access carbon brush for easy maintenance
-Steel base plate is completely effective for the highest cutting precision

It’s Easy Not to Be Busy!

Ronix 4320 Circular Saw 235mm is an actual cutting expert! Using this circular saw, you can make straight cuts, bevel cuts, rip cuts, plunge cuts and even cross cuts in the wood without much effort. Its 2000W motor is considered a really powerful motor. It is also extremely fast and its no-load speed of 4200RPM is proof of that. The design of this tool is intended to give the maximum convenience to the operator by using the bevel adjustment (with detent at 45 and 90 degrees) and an ergonomic side handle. This well-balanced power tool with its steel base plate will give you the highest cutting precision and turn wood cutting into a fun activity for you!


Model 4320
Max Cutting Depth at 90° 85mm
Max Cutting Depth at 45° 58mm
Saw Blade Diameter 235mm
Power 2000W
Frequency 50Hz
No-load RPM 4200 RPM
Weight 6kg
Voltage 220V
Supplied in Ronix color box
Includes Guide rail, Ronix-design side handle, 2 pieces adjustable blade rings, Hex wrench, 235*2.4*30mm, 56T circular saw blade

Detailed Description 4320 Circular Saw 235mm


So many users consider the motor of a power tool as its main feature and we agree to that to some extent. That is why Ronix 4320 Circular Saw is equipped with a 2000W motor working with 220V. This strong power tool is also suitable for heavy duties because of its powerful motor with a no-load speed of 4200RPM. In case you needed to change the carbon brush in the motor, there wouldn’t be so much to worry about; you will have easy access to it. This robust and fast motor will lead to efficient and outstanding cutting performance. You can trust Ronix 4320 Circular Saw for fast and precise cutting in different woodworking applications.


For all kinds of wood cutting projects, a strong wheel is needed so you can get your cuts clean and flawless. Ronix 4320 Circular Saw has a sharp blade with a diameter of 235mm. It can make cuts with the max cutting depth of 85mm at 90˚ and the max cutting depth of 58mm at 45˚. The guard placed on the wheel will keep you safe while touching the blade and it would in no case bother you while working with the tool. It has thought of your convenience and safety!


This well-balanced tool is actually designed to be the king of circular saws. It is super easy to handle this power tool and its 6kg might be one of the reasons. Its steel base plate is completely effective for the highest cutting precision and helps you make cuts accurately and quickly. To reduce user fatigue, an ergonomic Ronix-design side handle has been designed for your easiness. Ronix 4320 Circular Saw also includes a high-performance guard designed for controlling chip and dust ejection. In case of any need to change the wheels, the spindle lock system of the power tool helps you stay fast and out of danger. Quick, easy and safe; that’s how Ronix 4320 Circular Saw works!

When you get the Ronix color box of your tool, you will also get a guide rail, a Ronix-design handle, 2 pieces adjustable blade rings, a hex wrench and a 235*2.4*30mm,56T circular saw blade in it. Now, you have all you need!

Ronix 4320 Circular Saw 235mm is going to shine among your power tools. Its wonderful wheel with its powerful motor of 200W have tuned this power tool into a fantastic woodwork assistant for your worksite!


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