Air Duster Gun RH-6703




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-Easy to operate gun, just connect with an air compressor; adapt to air compressor accessories tool to blow dust or water powerfully and use for all applications
-Aluminum alloy nickel coated body which is anti-rust and highly durable
-Strong wind blowing, low consumption and energy-saving
-Pistol type design, lightweighted, convenient and easy to hold which reduce fatigue when being used for a long time
-High-speed and narrow airflow sprayed by slotted nozzles can be injected into the difficult occasion cleaned up such as deep, blind or narrow holes
-It can be used for home cleaning, car beauty, precision instruments, watches and PCBA cleaning or metal sweepings dust cleaning at factory, computer mending and anywhere with dust appear


Remove All the Foreign Materials!

Air duster guns are used to remove and clean all kinds of foreign materials on workpiece surfaces. They are perfect tools for factories, machinery workshops, woodworking shops, etc. Ronix RH-6703 Air Duster Gun is designed with a 1.8mm nozzle. The high-speed and narrow airflow, sprayed by a slotted nozzle can be injected into the difficult occasions.


Model RH-6703
Length 100 mm
Working Pressure 2.5-5 Bar
Nozzle Size 1.8 mm
Supplied In Blister card
Includes Japanese type 20 PF air plug, Open nut & nipple

Detailed Description Ronix Air Duster Gun RH-6703

Ronix RH-6703 Air Duster Gun is an easy-to-use spray gun. It can be connected with an air compressor. This air tool adapts to the air compressor accessories tool to blow dust or water powerfully. Its nozzle with 100mm in length and the size of 1.8mm can reach hard-to-reach surfaces easily. The high-speed and narrow airflow sprayed by slotted nozzles can be injected into the spots that are difficult to clean, like deep, blind, or narrow holes.

Ronix RH-6703 Air Duster Gun that is equipped with an anti-rust and highly durable aluminum alloy nickel-coated body, can be used for all applications.

Ronix RH-6703 operates at 2.5-5 Bar, it can make this pneumatic tool ideal for cleaning dust on car washing, automobile and motorcycle maintenance industry, computer industry, etc.
When you use the tool for a long time, you may feel tired; this convenient and easy to hold tool, with its lightweight body can reduce fatigue.

Ronix RH-6703 Air Duster Gun with the pistol type design can be used for home cleaning, car washing, watches and PCBA cleaning, computer mending, and anywhere with dust appear.
This air duster gun with 2.5-5 Bar takes the compressed air, and blow it strongly to clean dust. 

Ronix RH-6703 is an energy-saving product; it blows all dust with the highest speed.
Additionally, a Japanese type 20 PF air plug, an open nut, and a nipple are included in a blister card.  

Ronix RH-6703 Air Duster Gun is the most popular between the other brands of air duster guns. Most of the professionals choose this air duster gun because of its long nozzle, strong wind blowing, and its maximum pressure of 5 Bar, that makes the tool perfect to reach hard-to-reach spots. Ronix RH-6703 Air Duster Gun with all its features can meet all your expectations.

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