Air Spray Gun RH-6215

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-High-performance HVLP air sprayer with 3 nozzle sizes including 1.3, 1.5, 1.7mm and 600 mL capacity cup
-Easy and simple to use gravity feed spray gun
-Manual control spray gun allows convenient operation by just pressing the trigger
-The special design helps you to use the paint more easily and effectively
-High-quality brass cap and stainless spray nozzle are anti-rust and ensure more durability and more pressure
-600 mL gravity feed design helps with easy clean up and minimizes the waste of material left in the canister 
-Polished aluminum housing for light weight and easy clean up
-Ideal for most automotive painting, furniture painting and equipment painting


Get the Widest Spectrum of Coating

Light-weight and easy to control, Ronix RH-6213, RH-6215 & RH-6217 HVLP Air Spray Guns come in 3 different nozzle sizes including 1.3mm, 1.5mm, and 1.7mm and are the ideal tools for touch-ups and professionally detailed paintings as well as furniture and equipment painting. These high-quality air sprayers are equipped with 600mL gravity feed and professional brass cap to make the clean-up easier than ever.  Also, the polished aluminum housing and stainless spray nozzles of Ronix RH-6213, RH-6215 & RH-6217 HVLP Air Spray Guns are among other advantageous features of these pneumatic tools. 


Model RH-6215
Nozzle 1.5mm
Pressure 2-3.5 Bar
Cup Material Plastic
Cup Capacity 600 ml
Supplied In Ronix Color box
Includes (1) Brush ,(1) Spanner, (1) Filter

Detailed Description RONIX Air Spray Gun RH-6215

Air spray guns also are known as pneumatic guns or compressed air guns are used widely for a variety of painting applications. Ronix produces high-quality HVLP air spray guns in different models to suit all the needs of the users. Generally, HVLP spray guns can effectively be used for materials with light viscosity like industrial primers, polyurethanes, enamels, stains, and even sealers. Ronix RH-6213, RH-6215 & RH-6217 HVLP Air Spray Guns come with 3 nozzle sizes including 1.3mm, 1.5mm & 1.7mm that makes them perfect for various painting applications including painting cars, furniture, toys, instruments, walls and so on. To be usable for all these applications, an air spray gun should have a large capacity cup like what Ronix air sprayers own; the high-quality 600 mL gravity feed cup, designed in a way to be as user-friendly as possible. This efficient gravity feed design provides the users with easy clean-up and also minimizes the waste of material left in the container. The spectacular design of Ronix RH-6213, RH-6215 & RH-6217 HVLP Air Spray Guns makes working with these pneumatic tools easy and effective.

So, controlling the Ronix air spray gun is as simple as pressing the trigger. Regardless of whether you are a professional master painter, handyman or hobbyist, or need the device for industrial precision work, Ronix RH-6213, RH-6215 & RH-6217 HVLP Air Spray Guns provides you with useful features to get your painting project done flawlessly and as simple as possible. In this regard, the high-quality brass cap of Ronix air spray guns in combination with the stainless and anti-rust spray nozzles, ensure more durability and higher output pressure.

Moreover, in continuous uses and longer work conditions, the weight of a tool plays so important role. To help its users to work comfortably in continuous work hours, Ronix RH-6213, RH-6215 & RH-6217 HVLP Air Spray Guns are made with polished aluminum housing which brings the lightness alongside the durability and long service life.


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