Akfix AS606 Siliconized Sealant - 310ml

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AS606 is one-component acrylic emulsion based sealant reinforced with silicone emulsion. It has superior adhesion and good elasticity.


  • Its siliconized structure, makes it possible to handle movement up to 15%
  • Water based & Non-toxic.
  • Very low VOC content.
  • Water-proof after curing.
  • Over paintable.
  • Very easy to apply and clean.
  • Can be used on all porous surfaces such as brick, concrete, wood etc.
  • No odour.

Applications Area

  • Sealing of low movement joints between various construction materials(wood, concrete, brick etc.)
  • Sealing joints between windows, walls, doors etc.
  • Filling cracks in walls and on ceilings.
  • The joints must be clean and free from dust, grease and rust.
  • No primer is required for non-porous surfaces. On porous surfaces such as concrete, stone, cement and plaster a primer (mixture of one part
  • Acrylic sealant and 4-5 parts of water) can be applied.
  • Min/max joint width must be 5mm/25mm. The recommended joint depth/width ratio is 1 to 2. Application temperature is between +5 °C and +35 °C.
  • Immediately after the application, smooth the sealant at once with wet finger or a wet tool.
  • Excess sealant can be removed by a wet cloth.
  • Keep the sealed joint dry at least for two hours.
  • Cured sealant can be removed mechanically.

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