Bench Grinder, 3502N

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-Versatile and powerful grinding machine with fine and coarse grinding wheel for repairs and shape corrections as well as precise sharpening work
-Robust metal compact construction with ball bearing shaft and 4 rubber feet for low-vibration running, best grinding results and a long service life.
-Easily adjustable, sturdy work rests to suit any task
-Large transparent spark protection lenses and encapsulated sanding discs for maximum safety
-Ideal for all grinding, sharpening and polishing work.
-Dust proof switch for extra long-life span
-Heavy duty construction for demanding environments

Small Dimensions, the Numbers Blow Your Mind

Using a bench grinder to sharpen and shaping various tools in your workshop may be a common task. Therefore, having a proper and smooth grinding machine is a must. Ronix introduces the 3502N Bench Grinder with 8-inch grinding wheels that can handle a variety of heavy-duty applications. This robust power tool is equipped with a 350-Watt motor that operates at 2950 rpm and delivers plenty of power for various applications such as buffing, polishing, and removing rust and burs from metal.



Model 3502N
Power 350W
Voltage 220V
Frequency 50Hz
No-load RPM 2950 RPM
Wheel Diameter 200 * 25 * 32mm
Weight 11kg
Supplied In Ronix color box