Borosil Classic Jar with Wooden Lid 1.2 L

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Our glass storage jars with wooden lids are an attractive and practical way to store a variety of items. These jars are made of pure borosilicate glass, allowing you to easily see the contents inside. The wooden lid fits snugly on top, sealing in freshness and protecting your items from dust and other contaminants. These jars are great for storing everything from pantry staples like flour and sugar, to small household items like buttons and beads. They are also perfect for displaying and organizing items on shelves or in cabinets. The combination of glass and wood gives these jars a rustic, natural look, making them a stylish addition to any home.


  • Is made of 100% borosilicate glass and is guaranteed to withstand temperatures of up to 350C
  • Can be safely used in the microwave, oven, fridge, freezer and dishwasher
  • Unlike plastic or ordinary glass, will not leach chemicals into your food even after repeated usage
  • Is harder and tougher than ordinary glass
  • Is scratch resistant
  • Non porous glass will not absorb stains or odors
  • Retains perfect clarity. Unlike regular soda lime glass, will not turn cloudy with repeated usage.

Packing & Sizes

1200 Ml

  • Item Sku Code: Bcljrw961200ec
  • Product Dimensions: 9.6 cm X 9.6 cm X 19.5 cm
  • Product Weight: 438 G

      Usage & Care


      • Use directly in electric oven, convection oven, microwave oven, fridge and freezer.
      • Remove the lid before using in the oven and microwave.
      • Wash with soap and a soft sponge, or in the dishwasher.


      • Do not place the jar with the lid on in conventional oven or microwave oven.
      • Do not use abrasive cleaners or scourers to ensure scratch free surface.

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