Circular TCT Saw Blade RH-5102

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-Real industry quality level with superior design and tungsten carbide teeth which provide maximum resistance for longer life
providing a high degree of finish edge
-Advanced offset ATB & TCG tooth design: ATB for hardwood, chipboard,. And TCG for laminated board, MDF board,...
-High-grade carbide blade tips formulated for impact damage resistance
-Extra-hard steel blade body delivers accuracy and resists bending and deflection for true cuts
-Unique tooth design provides straight cuts and cutting smoother
-Supplied in professional color box for high protection during  transportation
-Positive cutting angles produce a smoother cut and allow for a faster feed rate

Non-stop Cutting

If you have ever experienced cutting with a blunt blade, you know how difficult it is to get a clean cut. Even if not having a clean cut is important to you, it takes a lot of time to cut a piece of wood into two using a dull blade. We at Ronix produce TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tips) blades that are amazing for cutting all kinds of wood and its related products; from plywood to MDF and various laminated boards. With their sharp tungsten carbide tips, these saw accessories provide you with precise cuts. They are produces to have a long life and do not get blunt easily to ensure durable sharpness.

Model RH-5102
size 180*2.8*30
Arbor Size 30
Tools Circular Saw, Miter Saw, Panel Saw, Table Saw
Application Wood
Wheel Diameter 180
Tooth Design ATB
Number of Teeth 42

Detailed Description Circular TCT Saw Blade RH-5102

What do you think about a wood cutting saw blade that doesn’t get blunt fast and easy? To any handyman at any construction site, this blade sounds dreamy. Well, the Ronix TCT Saw Blade is just that practical accessory that everyone dreams of having. The body of Ronix Tungsten Carbide Tip blades is made of world-class and high-quality steel that delivers accuracy. The steel included in the body of these blades can also resist bending and deflection to provide users with more efficient cutting. The Ronix TCT Saw Blades’ super quality makes it extremely suitable for industrial usages and continuous applications.

To cut with maximum precision, Ronix TCT Saw Blades are equipped with sharp tungsten carbide tips. Tungsten Carbide is able to resist high temperatures, and as a result, cutting blades that have tungsten carbide tips can perform better in hot working conditions. Because of their special formulation, cutting wood with these tips will produce less material waste and result in a more optimal cut. To ensure consistent sharpness and guarantee durability, this saw blade is equipped with diamond tips, so that the blade will not get worn-out and dull easily. The unique and professional design of the tips provides great performance and makes the cutting process quicker.

The TCG or ATB tooth geometry of these TCT blades delivers accurate cuts in wood, plywood, chip boards, MDF boards and all different types of laminated boards. These cutting wood blades also have extremely narrow kerfs which highly improves the smoothness of the cuts. Because of their narrowness, these kerfs also make the cuts quicker and reduce the time of cutting process which finally results in a more efficient performance.

The cutting process normally produces a lot of heat, because a huge amount of friction is involved in the process. To ensure the cutting blade’s durability and its great performance, Ronix TCT Saw Blades are coated with a layer of anti-friction material. This anti-friction cover protects the blade form burning or melting from the heat caused by friction that ultimately delivers faster cutting. To bring faster and cleaner cuts, we at Ronix have equipped the TCT Saw Blades with anti-vibration slots that improves the quality of the cuts.

To say it short, Ronix TCT Saw Blades are exceptional accessories to add to your circular saw as they are great in quality and manufactured with state-of-the-art technology to provide precise and clean cuts for its users.


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