Clenid Granule Sink Drain Opener

Clenid Granule Sink Drain Opener

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You can easily use Clenid Granule Sink Drain Opener in the sanitary and drain pipes made of plastic, PVC or any other materials.


  • Prepare 2 liters of boiling water before applying the Clenid Granule Sink Drain Opener to the clogged area.
  • If there is accumulated water inside the drain or pipe, drain the excess water with the help of pump and cloth.
  • Carefully pour a bag of Clenid Granule Sink Drain Opener into the mouth of the clogged drain.
  • Quickly and carefully pour all of the boiling water you prepared before into the drain.
  • After waiting for about 1-2 minutes, open the tap and let the cold water flow for 2-3 minutes through the drain. If the blockage is not opened enough, repeat the procedure.
  • You can increase the number of granule bags you need to use if larger diameter pipes and drains are clogged.
  • If the cause of blockage is caused by stubborn and hard materials such as construction materials, iron residues, etc., and if the clogged drain does not open although you use Clenid Granule Sink Drain Opener several times, then consult your plumber.
Never mix Clenid Granule Sink Drain Opener with other cleaning products, do not use together. Do not breathe the vapors that emits when you pour boiling water onto it after pouring Clenid Granule Sink Drain Opener into the drain. Do not forget to wear gloves when using Clenid Granule Sink Drain Opener. For detailed information, please read the product label.