Clenid Grease Remover

Clenid Grease Remover

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Use the Clenid Grease Remover on stove, oven, grill, barbecue, extractor, hood, fryer in your kitchen, and areas where there are difficult dirt's; granite-ceramic-steel pots and pans; coffee pot, teapot and all the similar kitchen appliances; kitchen cabinets, sink, tiles and ceramic surfaces.


  • Apply Clenid Grease Remover directly onto stubborn oil and tenacious stains and wait until the deposits in the dirty area is soft.
  • If the problem is a pot or pan that is burnt and stuck, pour Clenid Grease Remover onto the surface and wait at least 10 minutes.
  • For kitchen cabinets and other kitchen surfaces, mix 100 ml (1 tea cup) Clenid Grease Remover to1 liter of water and use it.
  • And wherever you use it, remember to rinse with plenty of water.
Never mix Clenid Grease Remover with other cleaning products, do not use together. Do not clean wood surfaces and painted, hot or damaged surfaces and materials with Clenid Grease Remover. Test in a small area before use in all other areas. Do not forget to wear gloves when using.

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