Cordless Spray Gun 8604

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-High Volume Low Pressure(HVLP) painting mechanism for more professional painting operations

-Easy-to-use hand held Cordless paint sprayer that applies a smooth finish without brush marks

-Adjustable nozzle settings let you complete your project easily by adjusting the air cap to spray in horizontal, vertical or round modes

-Flow control knob allows you to quickly increase or decrease the material output in order to customize your paint flow to your project/coating needs

-Quick release design of the pistol gun for easy cleaning

-Three brass nozzles size of 1.0mm,1.8mm and 2.5mm for more spraying options

-Ability to adjusting width of spray pattern

-Led light for using in the dark places

Easier When You Have the Device for It!

Next generation of HVLP Spray Guns! Ronix 8604 cordless spray guns are presented to the tools market to help users and DIYers get a smooth painting finish in no time. With its High-Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) mechanism, this cordless spray gun redefines performance like a pro.

A multi-directional spray gun that can paint vertically, horizontally, and in round modes with its adjustable nozzle settings. Being cordless is one of the most prominent features of this spray gun, as it can cover a large surface area. The Ronix 20V Lithium-ion battery can work up to 18 - 20 minutes with a battery capacity of 2000mAh and deliver a maximum flow of 400ml/min. The battery is compatible with all Ronix all-in-one 86 series tools.

Additional features, such as the ability to adjust the width of the spray pattern, the flow control knob to adjust material output, and the LED light to use in dark places, make this tool an all-in-one, reliable cordless spray gun.


Model 8604
Battery Capacity
Paint Reservoir
Max. Viscosity
Max. Flow
Continuous Working Time (All Diodes)
Battery Charging Time
Led Voltage
Led Power 4W
Flux 150-200LM
CCT 7200-8000K
Weight 1.1kg
Supplied in Ronix Colour Box
Includes clean needle, shoulder strap, viscosity cup,1 battery, charger, nozzles(1/1.8/2.5mm),Spanner

20v Cordless spray gun_details


Let’s see why Ronix 8604 is a game changer

Knowing a tool’s mechanism and inner parts is an excellent way to become familiar with its functions. Keep reading to see what features 8604 offers to the tools market.

Motor and Mechanism:

The Ronix 8604 20V cordless spray gun can spray on different surfaces with a motor speed of 32000 revolutions per minute. The high-volume low-pressure mechanism (HVLP) is the newest technology of sprayers that allows the operators experience the highest-quality finish available in the market.


Ronix specially manufactured 8604 to take the pressure off the operator and make the painting operations faster and easier. That’s why it’s an easy-to-use hand-held Cordless paint sprayer with only a 1.1kg weight that applies a smooth finish without brush marks.


A flow control adjustable knob is placed on the tool to allow the user to increase and decrease the material’s output according to the application’s needs. The trigger features a dimmer. Adjusting this dimmer, the user can pull the trigger based on their desired need. A lock-on button is included on top of the tool to insulate the nozzle from the other parts of the body.

Pistol Gun:

The quick-release design of the pistol gun helps for easy cleaning. The spray gun can adjust the width of the spray pattern. This pistol gun can spray a maximum flow of 600ml/min through its 1200ml paint reservoir volume.

LED Light:

A 16-20V and 4W power LED light is placed on the spray gun to use in dark spaces and can be adjusted based on the angle you’re spraying. The received power of light from this LED (Flux) is 150-200LM, and its correlated color temperature (CCT) is between 7200-8000K (Kelvin).

Paint Reservoir:

You can make a smooth finish in your desired workpieces, like a wall, floor, etc., by pouring the paint into 8604’s paint-sprayer reservoir. This high-volume tank’s capacity is 1200ML. Take note that too much viscosity of the paint will cause ridges, lumpiness, little or no material flow, or an orange peel finish. So, ensure the paint viscosity you pour into the tank does not exceed 50-60din/sec. Ronix included two viscosity cups in the box to check the paint’s density.


Three brass nozzles with the sizes of 1.0mm,1.8mm, and 2.5mm are included in the sprayer for more spraying options. The adjustable nozzle settings let you complete your projects efficiently by adjusting the air cap to spray in horizontal, vertical, or round modes.

Air Cap:

The spray pattern shape is adjusted by turning the ears of the air cap to either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal positions. For example, simultaneously adjusting the air cap and width knob, you can spray a beautiful circular pattern.


The battery is the most prominent piece in a cordless tool. The Ronix 8604 cordless spray gun is powered by a 20-voltage battery with a capacity of 2000mAh. The product is included with a 2in1 charger, taking up to 60 minutes for the charger to charge the battery fully. The working time of the battery is 18 – 20 minutes after each full charge. Like other Ronix-built 86 series tools, Ronix 8604 lithium-ion battery is also compatible with all these tools.

Accessories and Packaging:

The accessories in the color box of the Ronix 8604 cordless spray gun include a clean needle, a shoulder strap for effortless paint spraying, a viscosity cup to make sure of the 50-60din/sec maximum viscosity of the paint, two 2000mAh batteries, and a 2in1 110-220V charger, three nozzles in different sizes, and a spanner.

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