Ronix Cut-off Saw, 2300W 5901

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-Professional heavy-duty 2300W motor ensures outstanding functionality and durability
-Anti-dust ergonomic switch for reducing dust penetration and more convenient use
-Superior performance enables continuous longtime jobs
-Adjustable spark guard designed to divert sparks and ensures safety of operations
-Fence adjustment up to 45º for accurate angle cuts, adjusts in 2 positions for different material sizes
-Spindle lock system for easy and fast wheel changing and safety mechanism
-D-shape handle enables better gripping and more control during various cutting applications
-Strong, precise work piece clamp improves working performance especially in accurate cutting operations 

Cut Steel in Just A Few Seconds

If you need a strong power tool to deal with steelworks, Ronix 5901 Cut-off Saw will be a great choice. Its wonderful 17kg body with spindle lock system, spark guard and fence adjustment are all designed to ease your work and save you some energy. It will also be a savior of your time by helping you finish the tasks quickly with its 2300W powerful motor, having a no-load speed of 4000RPM.

Ronix 5903 Cut-off Saw is a wonderfully designed power tool to help you accurately finish your steelworks. Its piece clamp, D-shape handle and fence adjustment are some of its notable features to prove its high-quality. You can find all you need in Ronix 5903 Cut-off Saw.

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Model 5901
Max Capacity in Round Steel 130mm
Max Capacity in Square Steel 120mm
Max Capacity in Rectangle Steel 120*130mm
Blade Diameter 355mm
Power 2300W
Frequency 50Hz
Weight 17Kg
Voltage 220V
Max Capacity in Angle Steel 140*140mm
No Load RPM 4000 RPM
Supplied In Ronix Color box
Includes Hex key, 355mm cutting wheel

Detailed Description Cut-off Saw, 2300W  5901

Ronix 5901 Cut-off Saw is a wonderfully designed power tool to help you accurately finish your steelworks. Its workpiece clamp, D-shape handle, and fence adjustment are some notable features that prove its high quality. You can find all you need in this cutting tool.

Ronix 5901: Spend less and do more!

Knowing a tool’s mechanism and spare parts before you use it is essential to have a successful experience operating with it. Keep reading to learn what features 5901 has offered to metalworkers and operators.

Motor and Mechanism:

Ronix 5901 Cut-off Saw has a powerful 2300W motor with 220-240V and a 50-60Hz power outlet. This high-performance and powerful motor with a no-load speed of 4000 RPM are designed flawlessly to make the best and fastest cuts in steel. Ronix 5901 cut-off (chop) Saw can cut steel quickly and easily, so you won’t waste time.


This professional tool is equipped with an advanced industrially-made gearbox that ensures the tool’s durability and increases the cutting quality for a long time.

Cutting Wheel:

Ronix 5901 chop saw has a strong wheel with a diameter of 355mm. Being equipped with a spindle lock system, wheel changing will be facilitated, and you can ensure the safety mechanism.


With its 17 kg body, Ronix 5901 is considered a robust power tool. To easily transport the tool on the worksite, a compact design has been used to be suitable for longtime jobs.

To grip more efficiently and have better control over the tool during a variety of cutting applications, a D-shape handle has been specifically designed in this power tool.


If you need a power tool for accurate angle cuts in steel, the fence adjustment might help. This fence adjustment up to 45˚ can be placed in 2 positions for various sizes of materials.

Adjustable Safety Guard:

Cutting metal usually causes a lot of sparks and dust. We have considered the safety of operators by using an adjustable spark guard to divert sparks and protect the users.


The ergonomic on/off power switch is anti-dust, decreases dust penetration, and brings more convenience. A lock-on button is included to help the user continuously and efficiently operate.

Workpiece Clamp:

A strong and precise workpiece clamp significantly improves working performance, especially in accurate cutting operations.

Accessories and Packaging:

Ronix 5901 Cut-off Saw comes in a Ronix color box with accessories, a hex key, and a 355mm cutting wheel.

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