Cut-off Saw 355mm 5902

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-Professional heavy-duty 2400W motor ensures outstanding functionality and durability
-Anti-dust ergonomic switch for reducing dust penetration and more convenient use
-Superior performance enables continuous longtime jobs
-Adjustable spark guard designed to divert sparks and ensures safety of operations
-Fence adjustment up to 45º for accurate angle cuts, adjusts in 2 positions for different material sizes
-Spindle lock system for easy and fast wheel changing and safety mechanism
-D-shape handle enables better gripping and more control during various cutting applications
-Strong, precise work piece clamp improves working performance especially in accurate cutting operations 

Cut Steel in Just A Few Seconds

If you are a contractor who builds anything using different metal bars, you must have felt the need of a great cut-off saw for your metal cutting tasks. The Ronix 5902 Cut-off Saw is an amazing metalworking power tool to have around your workshop! Its professional motor turns 220V electricity to 2300W of power. This power then can generate a no-load speed of 3900 RPM which is great for heavy-duty applications. With the help of its fence adjustment, you can easily make angle cuts.

Model 5902
Max Capacity in Round Steel 130mm
Max Capacity in Square Steel 120mm
Max Capacity in Rectangle Steel 120*130mm
Blade Diameter 355mm
Power 2400W
Frequency 50Hz
Weight 18Kg
Voltage 220V
Max Capacity in Angle Steel 140*140mm
No Load RPM 3900 RPM
Supplied In Ronix Color box
Includes Hex key, 355mm cutting wheel

Detailed Description Cut-off Saw 355mm 5902


A cut-off saw is the perfect tool for cross cutting applications in metal. But metal bars and metal workpieces are extremely resistant and actually, this is the reason why they are widely used in various industries. To provide an outstanding cutting performance, the Ronix 5902 Cut-off Saw is equipped with a professional and heavy-duty 2300W motor. This durable motor can deliver a maximum no-load speed of 3900 in RPM for the best functionality. This chop saw has a superior performance, making it suitable for continuous applications and longtime jobs.

Cutting Wheel:

Despite having a powerful metalworking saw, to make precise cuts in metal you also need a sharp and high-quality cutting wheel. The 5902 comes with a 355mm Ronix Metal Cutting Wheel. The maximum cutting capacity of the 355mm cutting wheels when cutting round steel is 130mm. This number becomes 120mm when cutting square steel. For cutting at an angle, these numbers also differ. The maximum cutting capacity in rectangle steel is 120*130mm and in angle steel is 140*140mm. Additionally, to change the worn-out and bland cutting wheels easily and safely, there is a spindle lock system on this power tool.


Durability and safety are the most important points in every professional power tool. This is why all professional Ronix products are manufactured with the highest quality possible to provide users with a great working experience. Cutting metal usually causes a lot of sparks and dust. To ensure the safety of the users, Ronix 5902 has an adjustable spark guard which is designed to divert sparks and prevent user injuries. The ergonomic switch on this cut-off saw is also anti-dust to reduce dust penetration and bring more convenience.

As it was mentioned, you can make angle cuts with this metalworking saw. The fence adjustment on the Ronix 5902 Cut-off Saw allows you to cut accurately at an angle up to 45°. This fence adjusts in two different positions for different material sizes. To have better gripping and more control over various cutting process, this cut-off saw is equipped with a D-shape handle. Moreover, its strong and precise workpiece clamp greatly improves working performance especially in accurate cutting operations.

Taking everything into account, the Ronix 5902 Cut-off Saw has a stellar performance in cutting metal bars and workpieces. For a professional who regularly moves from one construction site to another, this chop saw can be really useful tool.


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