Cutting Wheel RH-3703

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-Extremely fast cutting, very long service life, resin bonded, very productive
-Cutting application For hard steel, rail, sheet steel, steel, structural steel, tool steel, alloy stainless steel, aluminum, container structural steel, non-alloy stainless steel, stainless steel, titanium and RH-3712 can be applied for building materials, concrete, marble, stone,...
-Suitable for working on all angle grinders devices in different jobs
-Manufactured based on EN 12413 Standard and SQ safety quality system

Professional Cutting

For cutting professional materials that are used in different industries especially construction, we need professional tools. This is why Ronix produce a wide range of cutting wheels so that you can perfectly cut whatever you need to cut and don’t stop because of low-quality equipment. The Ronix Cutting Wheels extremely enhance the speed of your cutting processes and have a long service life. 

Model RH-3703
size 180x3,0x22,23
shape Depressed
Max Speed 80m/s
Arbor Size 22.23mm
Max Rpm 8500Rpm
Application Cutting Steel
Components Aluminum Oxide
Wheel Diameter 180mm


Detailed Description Cutting Wheel RH-3703

To have the fastest and the least difficult cutting experiences, the Ronix cutting wheels are manufactured at a world-class quality. In addition, their durability is outstanding and they have a really long service life. Therefore, you can use and benefit from them in your projects for a long period of time. Besides their durability and speed, they are resin bounded. This feature makes them highly productive.

With their high quality and long service life, these Ronix cutting discs are widely used for cutting hard steel, rails, steel sheets, structural steel, stool steel and alloy stainless steel. You can also use these discs in cutting aluminum, container structural steel, non-alloy stainless steel titanium. The Ronix Cutting Wheels can be easily attached to angle and mini angle grinders. This is why you can use them on every construction site and workshop without worry.

The Ronix RH-3723RH-3703 and RH-3732 are used for cutting steel. To cover a wide range of cutting applications, they are manufactured in different sizes; 115mm, 180mm and 230mm. They all also have Aluminum Oxide components for better performance. On the other hand, the Ronix RH-3741 and RH-3742 are used for cutting INOX and they are 115mm and 180mm in diameter. They also have Aluminum Zirconium components that enhance cutting operation. Furthermore, the Ronix 3712 Cutting Wheel can be applied for building materials like concrete, marble and stone. This cutting disc has a diameter of 355mm and its component is Silicone Carbide.

Taking into account all of the features discussed above, the Ronix stone, steel and INOX cutting wheels can really help you save time and energy as they are high-quality, sharp and durable. You can use them on angle and mini angle grinders and understand what perfect cutting feels like. These cutting wheels leave no room for any doubt!

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