Ronix Drill Kit with Accessories RS-0001

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-A complete kit including different kinds of hand tools plus different sizes of drill bits inside Ronix-design BMC case which can satisfy all your needs
-High resistance, longlife 650W motor for the best performances in drilling and impact drilling
-Light-weight, ergonomic impact drill suitable for all kinds of applications in different materials
-Full metal, strong  13mm keyed chuck secures maximum efficiency
-High impact rate for the best efficiency in impact drilling mode
-360° rotating ergonomic side handle minimizes vibration and enables continuous low-fatigue work
-Ergonomic small body design provides maximum power at minimum weight
-Anti-dust switch for reducing dust penetration
-Variable speed control for working at customized speeds to suit various application materials
-Forward and reverse rotation functions

Small Dimensions, the Numbers Blow Your Mind

Ronix RS-0001 Drill Kit is a complete kit including different kinds of hand tools plus different sizes of drill bits inside a Ronix-design BMC case which can satisfy all your needs. Ronix RS-0001 Drill is equipped with variable speed control for working at customized speeds to suit various application materials. It is a superb electric drill that manages to deliver exceptional performance without being overly costly.

Its 650W motor is powerful enough to get this corded drill through a variety of tasks, and full metal, strong 13mm keyed chuck secures maximum efficiency.

A combination plier, knife cutter, two slot and Philips screwdrivers, a hammer, a measuring tape, a test pen, an adjustable wrench, and various drill bits are among the many hand tools included in the package, which is housed in a hard BMC case. The greatest hand and power tools kit for your home and workshop will eliminate your need for any other hand tools.

Drill Kit with Accessories, 650W, 13mm Keyed Chuck_details


Model RS-0001
Power 650W
Voltage 220-240V
Frequency 50-60Hz
No-load RPM 0-2800 RPM
Chuck Type
Chuck Size
Max Capacity in Wood
Max Capacity in Steel 13mm
Max Capacity in Concrete 13mm
weight 2kg
Supplied in BMC
Includes Electro probe, Measuring tape(3m), Utility Knife, Combination pliers 6", Hammer (24mm*23mm), Adjustable wrench 8" 150mm, Cross screwdriver
Includes 8"Flathead screwdriver, 8"wood drill bit 4/5/6/8mm, Masonry drill bit 6/8/10mm, HSS drill Bit 4/5/6/8mm, Depth Gauge, Auxiliary handle


Detailed Description

Due to its high practicality and multi-functional design, RS-0001 is the #1 choice of many Ronix professional and casual customers all over the world and is suitable for all drilling and impact drilling operations.

Ronix RS-0001: Your powerful solution on the job site!

Ronix RS-0001 is a kit with many accessories and hand tools. Continue reading the next section to learn more about the tools inside this kit. You'll understand why so many professionals choose the Ronix RS-0001 as their best assistant.

Motor & Mechanism:

Ronix RS-0001 powers through heavy-duty tasks with ease just like a pro, thanks to its powerful 650W motor which delivers 0-2800 RPM of no-load speed, even in tough jobs. The no-load speed of 2800 RPM is appropriate for a variety of drilling applications, such as drilling in wood, concrete, and metal workpieces. This rotary speed generates by connecting to a 220-240V and 50-60Hz power outlet.

Impact Drilling Mechanism:

Impact drilling is also possible with this power tool, enough to make any holes easily inside steel, concrete, and masonry. RS-0001’s high impact rate is engineered for the best efficiency in impact drilling mode. Users can adjust the rotation speed to their preferred level for various drilling and impact drilling jobs.


To make holes that are different in diameter in various materials like wood, you need different drill bits. The keyed chuck of the Ronix RS-0001 Drill can hold bits that have a maximum diameter of 13mm. To easily change drill bits in various applications, there is a chuck key in the color box of this corded drill. The drilling capacity of the RS-0001 is varied for different materials. Its maximum drilling capacity in wood is 25mm while this number for metal sheets and concrete is 13mm.


Ronix RS-0001 Drill offers a convenient and ergonomic body design that stands out in continuous applications. The small and lightweight body design (about 2kg) gives users more comfort and decreases hand fatigue over long periods of work. 
RS-0001 comes with a 360° rotating ergonomic side handle that minimizes vibration and enables continuous low-fatigue work. The design of this power tool allows for maximum power with minimum weight.


Ronix RS-0001 has a variable speed control for drilling holes in a variety of materials with varying thicknesses and resistance. You can simply alter the speed using this control to adapt to various materials and functions. Because drilling operations produce a lot of dust, the switches on this powerful drill are intended to be anti-dust, reducing dust penetration and extending the life of this power tool.
It has a variable speed control that allows it to function at customizable speeds to suit a variety of applications and materials.

Accessories and Packaging:

Ronix RS-0001 comes in a color box and a sturdy BMC case in which there are other accessories and hand tools, including:
(1) measuring tape (3m)
(1) test pen
(1) utility knife
(1) 6-inch combination pliers
(1) hammer (24mm*23mm)
(1) 8-inch (150mm) adjustable wrench
(1) 8-inch slot screwdriver
(1) 8-inch Philips screwdriver
(4) wood drill bits of 4/5/6/8mm
(3) masonry drill bit of 6,8,10mm
(4) HSS drill bits of 4,5,6,8mm
(1) depth gauge
(1) auxiliary 360˚ side handle

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