Dual Electric Polisher 6122

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-High efficiency robust 1200W motor secures maximum productivity and top performances in different functions 
-Uses a circular motion combined with a orbital motion to create dual action  in order to achieve the best  quality in polishing and waxing
-Variable speed setting from 1600 to 4500 RPM in 6 speed steps
no-load of speed enables working at customized speeds in order to adapt to various materials and applications
-Perfect for finishing, compounding, waxing, polishing, shining and deoxidizing
-Anti-dust ball bearings which ensure the durability of the motor and make it work more smoothly and more efficiently
-Ergonomic  auxiliary handle reduces operational fatigue and promotes perfect machine control
-A high-quality wool polish pad suitable for different kinds of applications
-Superior rubber cable for more durability and higher efficiency

Achieve the Best Result

A polisher is a bodywork appliance that not only saves time but also energy. There are two types of polishers on the market today: the orbital polisher and the rotary polisher. Their purpose is to remove all defects from a surface. This portable machine can be used to perform a wide range of bodywork, polishing, sanding, and buffing, even the most complicated ones. The Ronix 6122 dual electric polisher is equipped with a powerful motor that produces a speed of 1600-4500 RPM with 1200W of power. The speed of this unit can be adjusted in 6 variable modes. This feature allows the user to easily adjust the speed of the machine according to the work level. This dual polishing device polishes the desired surfaces with a circular motion combined with an orbital motion to create a dual action to achieve the best quality of polishing and waxing.

Dual Electric Polisher 1200W_details 

Model 6122
Power 1200W
No Load Speed
Wheel Diameter 150mm
Ronix color box
wrench, 1 handle,1 Wool Polishing Pad, Pair of carbon brushes

Detailed Description Electric Polisher 180mm 6110

Efficient and easy to use, the Ronix 6122 dual electric polisher makes polishing work much easier. It allows you to polish or shine a surface without having to put in a lot of effort.

Ronix 6122, 1200W 150mm Dual Electric Polisher:

The Ronix 6122 is an easy-to-use polisher. This makes it suitable for all users, whether they are novices or professionals. For more information, scroll down the page.

Motor and Mechanism:

To get a professional result, you will need powerful tools like Ronix 6122! It allows you to achieve quality detailing without any difficulty. With 1200 watts of power, this polisher will allow you to do precision work. This powerful device uses a circular motion combined with an orbital motion to create dual action to achieve the best quality in polishing and waxing. If you want to put more emphasis on certain surfaces, you can do so by adjusting the speed of the polisher from the main handle. There are 6 speeds available, the highest of which is 4500 RPM! Dust-free ball bearings ensure the durability of the motor and allow it to run smoother and with greater efficiency.

Polishing wheel:

The diameter of the polishing wheel is 150 mm. A high-quality polishing wool pad is also attached to this 150 mm wheel, allowing it to be used for various applications.


Once in your hand, you'll notice that it weighs only 2.85 kg. This polisher is also particularly compact, so you can use it without feeling uncomfortable and then easily store it away once you've finished polishing. An additional handle provides a two-handed grip for easy weight distribution. The Ronix 6122 dual polisher is also equipped with a high-quality rubber cable for durability and efficiency.


The body of the Ronix 6122 dual electric polisher has a few major buttons. It has a superior anti-dust switch to protect the machine from fine particles, a lock knob for user comfort during extended use, and a switch to adjust the speed from 1600 to 4500 RPM in 6-speed steps.

Accessories and Packaging:

Ronix 6122 dual electric polisher comes in a Ronix-designed color box and includes a wrench, a handle, a wool polishing pad, and a pair of carbon brushes.

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