Electric Chain Saw, 4716

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-2200W pure copper motor provides strong power for highest output

-Rapid heat dissipation system to avoid excessive temperature caused by the machine

-Internal automatic oil supply system for extending the machine service time

-Non-slip rubber handle, wear-resistant design for fatigue free operation

-Adjustable chain system for adjusting the tightness of the chain perfectly

Electric Chain Saw,  4716

Ergonomic, compact, powerful and budget-minded; Ronix 4716 Electric Chain Saw is the answer to all of your woodworking needs. 2200W of absolute power inside a corded power tool as 4716 is the result of a durable and powerful rotor-stator universal pure copper motor that provides strong power for the highest output. With maximum speed of 3750RPM and 40cm of cutting capacity, the result of this combination between power and quality is 8m/s of chain speed. The most important specifications of 4716 Electric Chain Saw that should be considered here are the automatic oil supply system (to reduce the friction between the bar and chain), the rapid heat dissipation system, non-slip rubber handle and adjustable chain system for adjusting the tightness of the chain perfectly.


Detailed Description

Motor & Mechanism

Your Ronix 4716 Electric Chain Saw is equipped with a professional, high-resistance 2200W motor power which makes this corded tool suitable for any demanding cuts to achieve the highest output. This powerful motor can deliver max speed of 3750RPM to the chain and guide bar which will bring maximum chain speed of 8m/s. The speed and power could produce a lot of heat and friction on the guide bar. To solve this problem, the Ronix-designed internal automatic oil supply system is the solution for extending the machine service time.

 The mechanism of Ronix 4716 and working with it is really easy and convenient. Just turn the motor on and deliver the speed and power to the chain and guide bar. The chain starts to rotate with an amazing speed and will cut anything possible in front of it. When working on over-loaded situations during long hours at job sites, the rapid heat dissipation system will help avoid excessive temperature caused by the machine. Last but not least is the soft start switch system that ensures the safety of operation. 


The most amazing part of a chain saw (whether it is an electric or a gasoline type) is its chain and guide bar. Ronix 4716 Electric Chain Saw includes the high-resistance top quality chain and guide bar for better cutting performance. The handles are designed as non-slip rubber grip with a wear-resistant design to reduce the hand fatigue and make long hours of working much more comfortable. An amazing specification here is the adjustable chain system for adjusting the tightness of the chain perfectly. The Ronix color box includes the chain saw, the guide bar, and the guide bar sleeve.

Our competitive advantage is our mind-blowing variety and quality. 4716 is specifically designed for the everyday operator’s needs. The quality will bring a much better experience to you in your worksite. It will become your friendly power tool.


Model 4716
Engine Power
Guide Bar Length
Cutting Capacity
Max Speed with Cutting Attachment
3750 RPM
Max Chain Speed 8 m/s
Supplied in Ronix Color Box
Includes Chain saw, Guide bar, Guide bar sleeve