Electric Hoists 1600 W /500Kg  RH-4136

Electric Hoists 1600 W /500Kg RH-4136

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-Equipped with a powerful motor with copper winding, produced under European CE standard and safety class IP54
-Body made of durable steel suitable for use in harsh conditions
-Equipped with twist-resistant steel wire rope with suitable strength in length 18m
-thermal shut-off system to protect the engine
-Equipped with upper automatic cut-off system

Powerful Motor with Copper Winding

Some objects are too heavy for humans to lift. This is why we have been trying to come up with new tools for a really long time to help us do this task. Ronix Electric Hoists 1600 W /500Kg is a practical tool for many working environments such as maintenance garages and warehouses. These electric hoists are equipped with powerful motors that can take care of a wide range of lifting jobs.
This motor is equipped with copper windings that meet European CE standards, ensuring a longer life and practicality. Furthermore, it is secure and meets the IP54 safety standard. Ronix Electric Hoists 1600 W /500Kg is electric current when heated to a specific temperature to protect the engine in high-pressure jobs. It also has upper automatic cut-off system to provide more safety.
The body of Ronix Electric Hoists 1600 W /500Kg is made of durable steel. This steed body allows Ronix Electric Hoists 1600 W /500Kg to survive harsh conditions sometimes found in workshops. These power tools are equipped with steel wire ropes which are designed to be twist-resistant. These ropes are 18-meter long to offer a suitable level of flexibility and functionality.

Model RH-4136
50 Hz
Load Capacity
Standard: 500 Double: 1000
Standard: 18 meters Double: 9 meters
Standard: 10 meters per minute
Double: 5 meters per minute
Cable length
Cable Diameter
Cable Strength ≥2000 kg
Supplied in  Ronix Color Box