Electric Hoists 1600 W /500Kg RH-4136

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-Robust,Powerful motor with copper winding to ensure long life 
-Provides with IP54 safety class standard
-Durable Steel body suitable to work in difficult situation and workpalce
-Equipped with twist-resistant steel wire rope with suitable strength with a length of 18 meters
-Equipped with Thermal switch to protect motor from damage 
Equipped with automatic cut-off system

Powerful Motor with Copper Winding

Electric hoists are motorized devices used for lifting and lowering heavy objects. They typically consist of a motor, gear system, and lifting mechanism, and can be operated using a handheld remote or pendant control. Electric hoists are commonly used in construction, manufacturing, and industrial settings for tasks such as loading and unloading heavy materials, moving machinery, and transporting goods. They can also be used in automotive, marine, and aviation industries for tasks such as lifting engines and hoisting boats or planes.

Electric hoists work by using an electric motor to power the gear system, which in turn lifts or lowers the load using a chain or wire rope. They can lift weights ranging from a few hundred kilograms to several tons, depending on the capacity of the hoist. Using its 1600-watt motor, Ronix RH-4136 can lift any object as heavy as 1000kg while also featuring numerous safety and protective that prolong its lifespan beyond any competition.

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Model RH-4136
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(standard) Lifting Capacity
(Double) Lifting Height
(Standard) Lifting Height
(Double) Lifting Speed
(Standard) Lifting Speed
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Detailed Description

Electric hoists are beneficial to professionals such as construction workers, machine operators, and mechanics, as well as DIY enthusiasts who work on large-scale projects. Their use cases are so vast that they can be used for lifting and moving heavy machinery and raising and lowering scaffolding, in addition to loading and unloading heavy materials from trucks or warehouses.

Ronix RH-4136, 1600W Electric Hoist:

Armed with a powerful motor and a durable steel wire, Ronix RH-4136 is one of the best-equipped electric hoists for dealing with extra-heavy loads and objects.


Ronix RH-4136 is the most powerful of our offerings in the electric hoist category that features a 1600-watt motor. This behemoth motor works with 220V AC electricity.

Lifting capacity:

This product can offer a maximum lifting capacity of 500kg. This amount is true when using the device in standard mode. If you opt to use the device in double mode, you will have access to a maximum lifting capacity of 1000kg. Additionally, our RH-4136 can lift objects as fast as 10m/min. If operated in double mode, this number will reduce to 5m/min. Just like other members of our lineup of electric hoists, we have equipped the RH-4316 model with an 18m-long steel wire that offers a maximum lifting height of 18m which will decrease to 9m when using the device in double mode.


The powerful and robust internal machinery of the RH-4136 model is protected by a steel housing, featuring a protection rating of IP54. Thanks to this protective housing, you can use our RH-4136 model in any setting without ever worrying about its longevity or durability. In addition to this protective case, Ronix RH-4136 is armed with a thermal switch and an automatic cut-off system that take its protection to another level.


As previously mentioned, the twist-resistant wire of the RH-4136 model is made of steel and because of its 6mm-wide diameter, has enough strength to handle objects as heavy as 2500kg.


Ronix RH-4136 electric hoist comes in a Ronix-designed storage box.