Electric Polisher 180mm, 1400W 6112

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-High efficiency, robust 1400W motor secures maximum productivity and top performances in different functions 
-Variable speed setting from 800-3000RPM
no-load of speed enables working at customized speeds in order to adapt to various materials and applications
-Perfect for finishing, compounding, waxing, polishing, shining and deoxidizing
- anti-dust ball bearings which ensure the durability of the motor and make it work more smoothly and more efficiently
-Anti-heat gearbox cover facilitates polishing operations and enables safe convenient grip with optimal guidance
-Ergonomic D-shape auxiliary handle reduces operational fatigue and promotes perfect machine control
-A high-quality wool polish pad suitable for different kinds of applications
-Superior rubber cable for more durability and higher efficiency
-Anti-heat gearbox cover facilitates polishing operations and enables safe convenient grip with optimal guidance

Achieve the Best Result

Do you have a polisher or are you thinking of buying one? Good news, today we're talking about this tool that is particularly common in the automotive world. Do yant to know why you should use a polisher? Wondering which polisher to choose? Here are the answers to all your questions! The Ronix 6112 1400W electric polisher can help us speed up the cleaning and polishing process and keep our automobiles shiny and bright for a longer time.

This electric polisher, with its highly efficient and robust 1400W motor, can provide maximum productivity and peak performance in a variety of activities, making it ideal for refinishing, compounding, waxing, polishing, shining, and deoxidizing. The high-quality wool polishing pad suitable for the Ronix 6112 is designed to be useful in a variety of applications. Its longevity and excellent efficiency are due to the superior rubber cord used in its manufacture. Similarly, the Ronix 6112V electric polisher is manufactured with all the features and capabilities listed, the only difference between these two devices is their voltage.

Electric Polisher 180mm, 1400W_details


Model 6112
Power 1400W
Frequency 50Hz
Weight 3.2Kg
Wheel Diameter 180mm
2.85 Kg
No-Load Speed
Supplied In Ronix color box
Hex wrench 1 pcs, carbon brush 2pcs, polish disc 1 pcs, manual 1 pcs, D shape handle 1 pcs, Wool boonet 1 pcs

Detailed Description

The Ronix 6112 polishing machine is manufactured with high-performance quality and will be a good choice for polishing, buffing, and removing rust from various surfaces.

Ronix 6112, 1400W 180mm Electric Polisher:

Factors such as motor and gearbox specifications, cutting disc, body design, speed setting, etc. affect the performance of the polisher. In this section, the features of the Ronix 6112 product are reviewed.

Motor and Mechanism:

Ronix 6112 electric polisher, with its 1400W powerful motor, is a machine that allows you to obtain a perfect result! Whether you want to use it for finishing, compounding, waxing, polishing, shining, or deoxidizing, the task has never been easier than with this electric polisher. This heavy-duty unit is also equipped with dust-free ball bearings that ensure the motor's durability and allow it to run smoother and more efficiently.


The Ronix 6112 is equipped with a high-quality, solid, all-metal gearbox that is capable of creating variable speeds from 800 to 3000 RPM.  This feature allows for working at customized speeds to adapt to various materials and applications.

Polishing wheel:

The polishing wheel of this device has a diameter of 180 mm; it has an adhesive pad and an additional wool polishing pad that is placed on top of the adhesive pad.


This polishing machine is easy to use, efficient, and safe. Its ergonomic D-shape auxiliary handle reduces operator fatigue and promotes perfect machine control. Its lightweight of 2.85 kg allows you to perform professional work on any type of surface, even if you are a beginner in this field. Although it's not cordless, you'll need a power supply to operate the unit, but don't worry, thanks to the superior rubber cable designed for 6112 for greater durability and efficiency, you can work with this unit anywhere you want.


The unit's housing is equipped with a high-quality anti-dust switch, designed to protect the unit from fine particles resulting from polishing and buffing various surfaces, as well as a lock-on button for user comfort during continuous use.

Accessories and Packaging:

Ronix 6112 comes with a good number of accessories. You will receive Ronix 6112 electric polisher in a Ronix-designed color box including an hex wrench, a D-shape handle, two bolts (M8*20), 2 flat washers, a polish disk, 1 wool polishing pad, and a pair of carbon brushes.


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