Fiberglass Handle Claw Hammer 500g RH-4751

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-Drop forged polished steel head for maximum strength and durability for a lifetime of hard work
-Non-slip rubber grip handle provides a firm, non-slip grip which allows superior driving and impact absorption
-Shock absorbing fiberglass core handle
-Head-to-handle joint design is a non-detachable epoxy resin that remains resilient to wearing
-Handle coated with polypropylene grip for additional comfort
-Optimal weight distribution for better performance
-The curved claw design makes it as a perfect tool for construction, minor maintenances, building, woodworking, home repair, extracting or removing nails, hanging household items, etc.

Ronix Machinist Hammers: Expert in Hammering!

While Ronix offers various types of hammers to suit all the needs of the users, Ronix Fiberglass Handle Claw Hammer 500g is specifically designed with slight curved claws for the best performance in nail removal. The head of this hammer is made out of the drop forged polished steel to guarantee the long service life and maximum strength. Ronix RH-4751 uses a non-slip rubber grip handle to provide a slip-free grip for better performance in different tasks.


Model RH-4751
Handle Material Fiberglass
Weight 500 gr
Type Claw Hammer
Head Material Forged Carbon steel

Detailed Description Claw Hammer 250g  RH-4726

The hammer is an amazing device and a lot less simple than it seems at first glance. The most important thing about it is the handle because without it, the tool would remain a hand ax. What makes Ronix hammers special is not just their non-slip rubber grip handles but their forged carbon steel heads that guarantee their durability and long life-time. To impose maximum force, nothing can be helpful rather than drop-forged polished steel head of Ronix RH-4726 & 4751 Claw Hammers. Besides, the shock-absorbing fiberglass core handle allows superior driving and impact absorption. Moreover, the non-detachable epoxy resin makes the head-to-handle joint as resilient as possible.

The effect of the hammer is based on simple physics. The force of the impact increases in directly related to the weight, but in the square of the speed. The handle allows the head to accelerate enormously. In Ronix RH-4726 & 4751 Claw Hammers, the weight of the handle and head distributed in the optimum way to offer the best possible performance.  Anyone who has ever patted their thumbs on Ronix claw hammers can confirm that even a slight blow is impressive.

The weight of a hammer, as another important factor in its performance, is directly related to its size. Ronix RH-4726 & 4751 Claw Hammers come in two different sizes. Obviously, the size is synonymous with the weight. The more force needs to be imposed, the heavier the hammer must be. Ronix RH-4726 Claw Hammer is 250 gr; an ideal weight for getting a wide range of simple works done in an easy-peasy way. On the other hand, Ronix RH-4751 Claw Hammer which can be used for tougher missions is just 0.5kg. Overall, the curved claw design makes these claw hammers perfect tools for construction, minor maintenances, building works, woodworking, home repair, removing & pulling out nails, hanging household items, and an endless array of home chores.



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