Fiberglass Measuring Tape, 50m RH-9808



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MVR 250.00

-High-impact ABS closed case with TPR rewind lever
-Reinforced fiberglass tape for accurate measurements
-Corrosion resistant, UV protected and non-conductive
-Washable PVC coated tape for more durability
-3 in 1 gear ratio offers a 3x fast tape rewind speed
-High visibility case make it easy to detect on the job site
-Lightweight high impact ABS winding drum for smooth tape recovery
-Both sides easy to read printed metric grades for more convenient use
-According to CE standard, class2

Easy Operations

The most classic, efficient, and essential measuring instrument is still with us. Let's measure with Ronix! Ronix RH-9806, RH-9807, and RH-9808 Fiberglass Measuring Tapes with their high-impact ABS closed case and TPR rewind lever provide you with accurate measurements. These washable PVC coated tape measures come in 3 different sizes ranging from 20m to 50m. Ronix RH-9806, RH-9807, and RH-9808 Fiberglass Measuring Tapes are fabricated according to the CE standard and use ABS winding for smooth tape recovery.

Model RH 9808
Tape Length
Tape Width
Measuring Type Metric


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