Fruit Pruner Shear RH 3150

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-Perfectly Needles nose blade design for picking fruit and cutting branches up to 1mm
-Ergonomic handle to reduce fatigue during long term usage
-Soft rubber grip on handle
-Stainless steel blade made up high quality raw material

Fruit pruners, also known as fruit snips or fruit shears, are a type of handheld cutting tool used for trimming and harvesting fruit trees, bushes, and plants. They are typically smaller and lighter than traditional pruning shears, with a curved or pointed blade designed to easily maneuver around small and delicate fruit. Ronix RH-3150 has a pointed blade made from stainless steel that can offer a maximum cutting capacity of 1mm. This blade is accompanied by an ergonomic handle made from rubber that reduces fatigue, making the RH-3150 model one of the more comfortable fruit pruners on the tools market.

Detailed Description

Ronix RH-3150 is an 8-inch fruit pruner that combines the sharpness of its stainless-steel blades with the comfort of its rubber handle to deliver the best fruit-picking experience possible.

Ronix RH-3150, 8 Inch Fruit Pruner:

Fruit pruners are commonly used by fruit farmers, gardeners, and orchardists for tasks such as harvesting and trimming fruit trees, grape vines, and berry bushes. These tools are especially useful for delicate fruits such as grapes, cherries, and strawberries, where the use of larger pruning shears or knives may result in unnecessary damage to the fruit or plant. If you are looking for a new fruit pruner, the Ronix RH-3150 model is what you are looking for. Keep scrolling to learn more about its construction and additional features.


This small yet capable fruit pruner is also equipped with ergonomic handles made from rubber that offer maximum control in addition to reducing hand fatigue after long hours of use.


Fruit pruners work by using a scissor-like motion to snip off fruit from the tree or plant without damaging the surrounding foliage. This means that having sharp blades is a must for these tools. Ronix RH-3510 uses stainless steel blades that not only are sharp but will stay sharp too. These blades help this 8-inch pruner to have a maximum cutting capacity of 1mm which is more than enough for picking various fruits.


Ronix RH-3510 fruit pruner is supplied in a package designed by Ronix.

Blade Material
Stainless Steel
Handle Material
Max. Cutting Branches