Ronix Gasoline Generator 1.2 KW RH-4703

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You may need electrical power during a power outage in your house, workspace, or in large-scale places such as hospitals, construction sites, organizations, factories, etc., or you might need to recharge your cordless equipment outdoors without any power outlet. In that case, your best solution is the use of generators. There are many types of generators for various applications, and choosing the one that suits your needs, requires a knowledge of their features and capabilities. Stay with us to learn about the Ronix RH-4703 gasoline generator, a best-in-class power source!

It can work nonstop for 9 hours and has a 100% copper-wound generator head that allows this continuous operation without overheating. This generator delivers up to 1200W power and has a sizeable full-iron fuel tank with a 5-liter capacity.

The compact design of this generator provides easy usage and well portability in the run-time. Due to its minimum noise and vibration during operation, it is ideal for indoor spaces with good air conditioning.

Detailed Description

Ronix RH-4703 gasoline generator has a compact and portable design and produces minimum sound and vibration in small areas; that’s why it’s an excellent choice for indoor workshops and light-duty industrial workspaces; however, you have to consider the air conditioning situations.

Ronix RH-4703: Always Keep Your Cordless Devices Up!

To choose the best generator that suits your needs, you need to know what features and specifications these products offer. In the following, we give a detailed description of the Ronix RH-4703.


Ronix RH-4703 has a four-stroke air-cooled 1200W engine with an LB156F model number. The cylinder’s volume is 98CC, and the machine has a TCI ignition and manual starting system with 3HP rated power.

Fuel tank:

The full-iron Fuel tank Capacity is 5L. Its fuel type is unleaded petrol and provides up to 9 hours of run time.


The generator type is single phase, and it delivers a rated voltage of 220V and frequency of 50 Hz, with a copper Winding for maximum effectiveness in long-term use. This generator also has a rated amperage of 3.9-4.3A, a maximum output power of 1200W, and an output-rated power of 900-1000W. The DC output voltage is 12V. It is equipped with a 100% copper-wound generator head that allows continuous operation without overheating.


It has a 23kg special compact design for ease of use and reliable portability, and minimum noise and vibration, suitable to use in indoor spaces with good air conditioning.


RH-4703 includes an analog voltmeter for measuring output voltage.


It’s covered with AC protector outlets for added protection.

Low-Oil Alert:

The low-oil alerting system ensures more motor protection and a longer lifetime.

Accessories and Packaging:

Ronix RH-4703 gasoline generator is Supplied in Ronix brown box and includes other accessories, including a plug, DC wire, a spark plug wrench, and a rubber foot + nut.


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-98cc, 4-stroke high power 1.2kw engine with outstanding performance
-Large 5 Liter full iron fuel tank provides up to 9 hours of run time 
-Includes a selection of outlets for maximum compatibility in your applications including:  220V AC outlets and one (12V) DC outlet
-Includes a voltmeter for measuring output voltage 
-Special compact design for ease of use and reliable portability
-Covered, AC protector outlets for added protection
-Minimum sound and vibration in indoor usage
-100% copper-wound generator head allows continuous operation without overheating
-Low oil alerting system for more protection of motor and longer lifetime
-Ideal for workshops and light-duty industrial usage


Item Code


Motor Type

4stroke air cooled engine




98 cc

Engine rated power

3 HP

Ignition System


Starting System


Fuel tank Capacity

5 L

Continuous working

9 h


Unleaded Petrol

Generator type

Single phase

Generator rated voltage




Winding material


Generator rated amperage


Generator rated power


Generator max power


DC Output




Supplied in

Ronix Brown Box


Plug,DC wire,Spark plug wrench,rubber feet+nut


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