Granite Cutting Disc RH-3526

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-Manufactured by hot press production process with full automatic machines which ensures faster cut and longer lifetime
-High quality raw material formulation of diamond tips minimizes the friction and delivers a faster and cooler cut
-10mm height of cutting rim guarantees an optimum life time
-Manufactured by high quality material which optimizes cutting performance and ensures durability
-Ideal for all types of granite and marble
-Different sizes that will cover all your fabrication cutting needs
-Suitable for both wet and dry cutting
-Meets TUV and CE standards

Cutting Marvel: Solving the Dry / Wet Dilemma

Doubtlessly, cutting discs have an imperative role in your final result when you use an angle grinder or a tile cutter. To get the most desirable result, Ronix provides professional high-quality cutting discs for every different task. Ronix RH-3525, RH-3526 and RH-3527 granite cutting discs have different wheel diameters of 125mm, 180mm and 230mm respectively. All of these discs are specifically designed for cutting granite and marble tiles. In order to guarantee the quality of its tools, Ronix produces all of its granite cutting discs under TUV and CE standards. 


Model RH-3526
size 180x22.2x10 mm
Arbor Size 22.2mm
Tools Angle grinder, Tile cutters
Application Granite & Marble
Wheel Diameter 180mm
Segment Height 10mm

Detailed Description Granite Cutting Disc RH-3526

A tile cutting machine for wet & dry cutting is only as good as the cutting disc that you use on your power tool. It is therefore worth knowing the advantages and disadvantages of a diamond cutting disc for your angle grinder or tile cutting machine. Ronix granite cutting discs are manufactured by hot press production process with fully automatic machines to ensure fast and clean cut, and also their longer lifetime. The lifetime of a cutting disc depends on the quality of the disc and the material being cut. Other factors such as: dry or wet cuts, how much pressure you exert on the cutting disc during cutting and even the speed of your tile cutting machine also play a major role. The high diamond concentration and large segment height ensure a long service life for this top diamond cutting disc.

Ronix high-quality diamond cutting discs with a soft bond is ideal for cutting all types of granite. To suit all your cutting needs, Ronix granite cutting discs come in different sizes. So you have different options to choose a wheel diameter from 125mm to 230mm.  The different sizes of Ronix Granite Cutting Disc enable you to find the best suitable granite disc for your application and the material to be cut. Ronix Granite Cutting Discs are suitable for working on all angle grinders and tile cutters in different jobs. They are available in various sizes and thicknesses. So, it makes them perfect to cover all your fabrication cutting needs.

RH-3525 with 125mm diameter, 22.2mm arbor, 10mm segment is perfect for cutting all types of granite and marble.

Ronix Granite Cutting Disc is manufactured by high-quality material which optimizes cutting performance and ensures durability.

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