High Pressure Washer RP-0100

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-Professional high-performance 1400W induction motor provides strong power that generates maximum water pressure for extreme cleaning power
-High-performance efficient induction motor ensures more service life, lower sound level and higher quality of water dispensing
-Total stop system automatically shuts off pump when trigger is not engaged and with the help of self-suction function ensure motor's long-life and also save energy
-Built-in thermal protector controls the temperature of the motor during longtime working
-Professional high-pressure gun for better functionality and more convenience
-Ergonomic new design provides easy movement and brings more comfort in different cleaning tasks
-With wheels and handles for easy movement
-Equipped with both adjustable and turbo nozzles which manufactured from high-quality raw material and let you easily control spray angle in different cleaning tasks
-External detergent tank for extra cleaning power and reducing cleaning time
-Automatic hose connector for easy and fast set up and quick inserting and removing of the hose
-Suitable for both household and industrial usage 
-Rotary On/Off switch for convenient use
-5-meter high-quality PVC pressure hose for more durability and higher efficiency
-Tempered stainless steel plunger easily unchokes the dirt stuck in the nozzle

Pressure Washer, To Make It as Shiny as Possible

If you are one of those people who needs everything to be as shiny as possible, then you are aware of the newest and the most modern solution for outside cleaning. High pressure washers are amazing power tools designed to wash with less water to bring more cleanliness. The Ronix RP-0100 High Pressure Washer is a robust tool that generates 1400W of power and has a maximum flow rate of 4.8L/Min to clean various surfaces perfectly. To handle a wide range of applications, this machine has 2 different lances, a turbo one for extremely high pressure cleaning and an adjustable one for more lighter cleaning. This induction washer has two easily adjustable wheels so that you can move freely and more comfortably with it.

 Induction Pressure Washer -100 Bar 1400W_details


Model RP-0100
Motor Type Induction
Max Pressure 100Bar
Dimension 350*282*470mm
Power 1400W
Frequency 50Hz
Weight 10.5kg
Voltage 220V
Max Rated Flow 4.8L/Min
Detergent Tank Type External
Supplied In Ronix color box
Includes Quick connector, Water inlet nut, Adjustable and turbo lances, 5-meter high-pressure PVC hose, Detergent tank, High-pressure gun, 5-meter power cord

Detailed Description 

Taking all into account, the Ronix RP-0100 High-Pressure Washer can be used both for household applications. Its motor can generate enough power for all high-pressure cleaning tasks, and its ergonomic design enables you to work long hours without fatigue. In a nutshell, if you want a perfect car, spotless fence, and clean yard, the Ronix RP-0100 High-Pressure Washer is the right choice!

Ronix RP-0100: highest cleaning with minimal energy consumption!

Let’s talk about the RP-0100 pressure washer’s detailed information and see why it’s s great choice for your household and outdoor cleaning and washing applications.

Motor and Mechanism:

The power of the Ronix RP-0100 High-Pressure Washer comes from its professional high-performance 1400W motor by connecting to a 220-240V and 50-60Hz power outlet. This induction motor generates a maximum pressure of 100 Bar and a maximum flow rate of 6.5L/Min to bring excellent cleanliness to your yard, the garden’s fences, and your car after a long road trip. Additionally, this induction motor ensures the jet washer’s longer service life, lower sound level, and higher quality of water dispensing.

Body and Switches:

We at Ronix pay a lot of attention to the safety and comfort of our users. That is why we always design our high-pressure washers according to the principles of ergonomics. To provide maximum comfort for the users and improve maneuverability, this 10.5kg power tool has two easy-to-assemble wheels and an auxiliary handle in its packaging for greater mobility.


It allows the user to achieve an output water pressure of 100 bar and an output water flow of 6.5 liters per minute.

Thermal Protection System:

The built-in thermal protector system controls the motor’s temperature during long working hours with this machine. When the motor gets too hot, this thermal protector turns off the motor to prevent future damage caused by extensive heat.

Spray Gun:

Another notable feature of this powerful washer is its new high-pressure gun design. This professional trigger gun boosts functionality and makes cleaning more convenient. It also has a lock-on button to ease the operation in continuous applications and a rotary ON/OFF switch for more convenience.

Auto-Stop System:

To protect the motor in continuous applications and save energy, this machine has an auto-stop system that automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is not engaged. This process has a significant effect on increasing the life of the engine and also saves water and energy.

With the help of an auto-stop switch system, RP-0100 allows users to use this tool comfortably and according to their cleaning needs.


As mentioned, this high-pressure washer is equipped with two different lances, one turbo lance and one adjustable lance. These lances are produced from top-quality materials, and by using them, you can easily control the spray angle in different cleaning tasks. You can use the turbo lance for jobs requiring more pressure, like washing a super-dusty and greasy wall, as it generates more pressure. The adjustable lance is better for cleaning objects that higher pressures might damage their surface. For instance, you can wash your car with an adjustable lance.

External Detergent Tank:

There is an external detergent bottle in the packaging to deliver maximum cleanliness. You can fill this tank with your desired detergent and connect it to the lance. The water gets mixed with the detergent, resulting in a cleaner surface.


The automatic hose connector of the Ronix RP-0100 High-Pressure Washer makes your job easier and a lot quicker as it facilitates the process of inserting or removing the hose from the machine. This practical washer has a 5-meter-long high-pressure hose made of the best PVC in the industry. The high-quality material prevents the hose from getting destroyed under water pressure and ensures its durability and higher efficiency. The length of this hose will enable the users to go around effortlessly without needing to move the tool. This feature is especially useful in washing cars.

Accessories and Packaging:

The Ronix RP-0100 high-pressure washer’s color box includes a quick connector, a water inlet nut, adjustable and turbo lances, a 5-meter high-pressure PVC hose, an external detergent tank, and a high-pressure gun.

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