Hot-Melt Glue Gun RH-4463

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-Equipped with plastic base for standing
-Ergonomic industrial design
-20W power for fast heating

Bond Without Limit

Hot glue guns are versatile and portable tools used for bonding a variety of materials together. They work by heating a solid stick of glue and melting it into a liquid form, which is then dispensed through the nozzle of the gun. The glue quickly solidifies upon contact with the surface, creating a strong and durable bond. Hot glue guns are commonly used in crafting, DIY projects, and home repairs, where a quick and easy bonding solution is needed. Ronix RH-4463 is a 20-watt hot glue gun that offers all of these functionalities and so much more. Made from PA6 material, featuring an ergonomic and lightweight design, and with its two included transparent glue sticks it comes ready to work just out of the box to help you stick various objects together.

Glue Gun, 10-20W, 6-10gr/min flow_details


Material PA6
Glue stick D.M
D.M. 7.2mm
Flow of glue
6-10gr per minute
Preheat time 3-5 min
Supplied In Ronix Color box
2 transparent glue sticks

Detailed Description

Ronix RH-4463 is a hot glue gun, equipped with newly designed elements that offer a power rating of 10 to 20 watts and work with 220 to 240V electricity.

Ronix RH-4463, 10-20W Hot Glue Gun:

Hot glue guns are versatile and handy tools and can be used to bond various materials such as paper, cardboard, fabric, wood, plastic, and metal. This means that you can use these tools for creating jewelry, assembling cardboard boxes, repairing furniture, securing loose tiles and so much more. They can also be quite handy in school classrooms for art projects and science experiments. If you find any of the aforementioned scenarios relatable or just looking for a new compact hot glue gun, Ronix RH-4463 is what you are looking for. Stay with us to learn more about its main features and capabilities.  


Since hot glue guns are made to melt glue sticks, they must be able to withstand the extreme heat that comes from their elements. This is why we have made our RH-4463 model with polyamide6 or PA6 which is renowned for its resistance against high temperatures. The robust material houses the newly designed elements of the RH-4463 model which have a power range of 10 to 20 watts and work with 220 to 240V electricity. These elements can melt glue sticks in a matter of seconds, resulting in a flow range of 6 to 10 grams per minute which makes applying and controlling the glue before it solidifies much faster and easier.


The PA6-made body of our RH-4463 features an ergonomic, industrial, and lightweight design that ensures user comfort and ease of use, regardless of the situation. Ronix RH-4463 is also equipped with a plastic base made for standing in addition to an easy-to-open knurl.

Accessories and packaging:

Ronix RH-4463 is compatible with 7.2mm thick glue sticks and comes included with two transparent glue sticks, all packed inside a Ronix color box.

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