HSS Bimetal Hole Saw Set RH-5290

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-Strong and durable body and teeth
-edges made under the highest quality and technology to increase durability and improve performance
- cutting depth in the workpiece is equal to 38 mm
-Smooth and precise cut
-Made with Bi-metal for durable cutting Process 
-Multifunction for use in various metal and alloy materials with varying degrees of hardness
-variety of sizes from 20 to 50 mm
-Can be installed on all types of drills

Get ready to revolutionize your cutting tasks with the Ronix RH-5290 Bimetal Hole Saw Set! This powerhouse of a set is your ticket to precision cutting like never before. this set offers exceptional durability, ensuring your hole saws stay sharp through multiple uses. Wood, plastic, metal, or stainless steel it doesn't matter; these hole saws will cut through them all effortlessly, giving you the precision and speed, you crave.

The sharp teeth make each cut an adrenaline rush, and the included arbor and pilot drill bit make setup a breeze. You won't waste time looking for your tools; our strong carrying case keeps everything tidy and makes getting started super simple. What's even better, you can easily attach these hole saws to all sorts of drills, making your work even simpler and more convenient.



Model RH-5290
Material Bi-metal
Hole Saw Size(mm) 20,22,25,29,32,35,38,44,48,50
Arbor Size 6.3mm M2
Drill bit size 6.3mm M2
Cutting Depth 38mm
Supplied in Aluminum box
Includes Adaptor


Body and Design:

Crafted with a strong and enduring body, featuring bimetal teeth for long-lasting cutting performance.

Hole Saw Dimensions:

A range of sizes from 20 to 50 mm, including 20, 22, 25, 29, 32, 35, 38, 44, 48, and 50 mm options.

Depth of Cut:

Achieve a cutting depth of up to 38 mm in your workpiece.

Versatile Mechanism:

Adaptable for use on a wide range of metal and alloy materials, each with varying hardness levels. Compatible with all drill types for hassle-free installation. Delivering smooth, precise cuts and edges crafted with the utmost quality and cutting-edge technology, enhancing durability and overall performance.

Packaging & Accessories:

Arrives neatly packaged in a sturdy aluminum box.

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