Induction High Pressure Washer, 3000W RP-0180

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-Super professional heavy-duty 3000W induction motor provides strong power that generates maximum water pressure for extreme cleaning power
-High-performance efficient induction motor ensures more service life, lower sound level and higher quality of water dispensing
-Total stop system automatically shuts off pump when trigger is not engaged and  ensures motor's long-life and also save energy
-Built-in thermal protector controls the temperature of the motor during longtime working
-Professional high-pressure gun for better functionality and more convenience
-Ergonomic new design provides easy movement and brings more comfort in different cleaning tasks
-With wheels and handles for easy movement
-Equipped with adjustable lance which manufactured from high-quality raw material and let you easily control spray angle in different cleaning tasks
-Included 3 different nozzles to cover different kinds of applications
-Built-in detergent tank for extra cleaning power and reducing cleaning time
- hose connector for easy and fast set up and quick inserting and removing of the hose
-Onboard hose reel for easy storage and quick winding and unwinding
-Suitable for heavy duty industrial usage
-Rotary On/Off switch for convenient use
-8-meter steel armed  high-pressure hose for more durability and higher efficiency

Point to Shine

It doesn't matter if you're dealing with big cars or trucks and other machinery, or heavy-duty tasks (like large outdoor areas and floors) that require non-stop work and enormous power. You should choose a pressure washer with extreme cleaning power. Consider an electric tool with a super professional 3000W induction motor, an absolute maximum pressure of 180 bar, and a maximum water flow of 9.2 l/min. The Ronix RP-0180 pressure washer is recognized by our customers as our best and most powerful tool. Its new ergonomic design offers many options, including a professional high-pressure gun, adjustable lance, 3 different nozzles, 8 m rubber hose with steel arm, integrated detergent tank, automatic hose connector, etc. To protect the motor, an automatic total shutdown system and built-in thermal protector are included in the Ronix RP-0180 to enhance and ensure long-lasting performance.

Induction High Pressure Washer, 3000W_details

Model RP-0180
Motor Type Induction
Max Pressure 180Bar
Power 3000W
Weight 24.5kg
Max Rated Flow
Detergent Tank Type Built-in
Supplied In Ronix color box
Quick connector Water inlet nut Quick Lance 8-meter Steel Armed High-pressure Hose Hose Reel 3 nozzles Nozzle Holder gun

Ronix RP-0180, 3000W High Pressure Washer

The Ronix RP-0180 pressure washer is equipped with an all-copper induction motor that operates with 3000 watts of power. This unit achieves a maximum water pressure of 180 bar and a maximum water flow rate of 9.2 liters per minute. It is also used as an industrial washer for heavy-duty activities such as pickling, rust removal, sediment removal, removal of old paint, and greasy and oily pollution in workshops and factories.

Ronix RP-0180, 3000W High Pressure Washer:

The RP-0180 is one of the most effective Ronix pressure washers that plays an important role in cleaning and stripping activities in factories, workshops, garages, and even homes. This multi-capable Ronix pressure washer has received many positive reviews and has become a popular choice among industrial users. To learn more about this powerful tool, scroll down.

Motor and mechanism:

Ronix RP-0180 High-Pressure Washer uses a super professional heavy-duty 3000W induction motor that provides absolute power and generates maximum water pressure for extreme cleaning purposes. This professional induction motor generates a maximum pressure of 180 bar. Its maximum flow rate is also 9.2L/min. These figures provide extreme cleaning power. This powerful motor guarantees a longer service life, lower noise level, and better water distribution quality.

Body and switches:

The new ergonomic design of the Ronix RP-0180 pressure washer makes it easier to move around and more comfortable to perform various cleaning tasks. The 24.5 kg unit features high-quality ergonomic wheels and handles for easy movement, a rotary on/off switch for convenient operation, and a hardened stainless-steel plunger to loosen the dirt sucked into the inlet.

Thermal protection system:

The built-in thermal protector is responsible for controlling the engine temperature during long hours of operation with this machine. When the engine gets too hot, this thermal protector turns off the engine to prevent future damage caused by excessive heat.

Auto-stop system:

Its powerful motor is protected with our two innovative and high-end built-in systems. The total-stop system automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is not engaged and it guarantees the motor’s long-lasting performance by saving energy with the help of the self-suction function.


The mechanism of the Ronix RP-0180 3000W High-Pressure Washer is so simple but impeccably elegant. It can be the best and most useful choice for heavy-duty and industrial usage. It is equipped with a professional high-pressure spray gun for better functionality and easier use. To spray water easily in different situations, the gun includes an adjustable lance and 3 different nozzles which are manufactured from top-quality raw material and let you control the spray angle in different cleaning tasks.


Lances and nozzles are connected to an 8m steel-armed rubber, high-pressure hose which brings more convenience and absolute efficiency. To set up the hose easily and fast, an automatic hose connector is specifically designed for Ronix RP-0180 to do a quicker hose inserting and removal. Moreover, an onboard hose reel is designed on our high-pressure washer for convenient storage and quick winding and unwinding.

Built-in detergent tank:

The other Ronix-designed item that is important to mention is the built-in detergent tank for extra cleaning power and reduced cleaning time.

Accessories and packaging:

Ronix RP-0180 high-pressure washer is supplied in a Ronix Color box and includes a quick connector, a water inlet nut, a quick Lance, an 8-meter steel-armed high-pressure hose, a hose reel, 3 nozzles, and a nozzle holder gun.