Jigsaw 550W 4150

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-High-power robust 550W motor enables cutting up to 55mm depth in wood and 8mm in metal plate
-Light weight, comapct design for more convenient use
-6-position speed wheel control from 1500 to 3000 RPM regulates the speed to adapt to the operator's needs for optimal cutting performance on different materials
-3-position orbital action improves cutting control and cutting speed
-Tilting aluminum die-cast base plate allows precise bevel cuts at the most common angles 0°, 15°, 30°, and 45°
-Ergonomic top handle promotes easy work and perfect machine control
-Lock-on button let prolonged use with maximum control.

Feel the Power of Multi-Cut!

If you do not have a Ronix 4150 Jigsaw in your tool collection you are defiantly missing something. A versatile tool to help you with your cutting operations. 4150 with a 550W universal motor is one the most efficient cutting tools in the market. It can handle many different cuts from straight crosscuts through to intricate curved and scrolling lines. Fit the right blade in and cut woods, MDF sheets or even metal sheets with nothing to worry about. soft rubber handle fits right in your hands due to ergonomic designs of 4150.

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Model 4150
Max Capacity In Metal 8mm
Power 550W
Frequency 50Hz
Max Capacity In Wood 55mm
No-load RPM 1500-3000 RPM
Weight 2kg
Voltage 220V
Bevel Cutting Capacity 0-45Degree
Orbital Action 3-Position
Jig Saw Blade Type T-shank
Supplied In Ronix Color box
Includes 2 Jig saw blades, 1 Hex keys, 1 pair of carbon brush

Detailed Description 

Ronix 4150, 550W Electric Jigsaw:

What we can say about Ronix 4150 is that it is remarkably easy to use and easy to handle; thanks to its lightness since it weighs only 2 kg. We will also note its rubber soft grip handle which gives the device good support. You will learn everything about Ronix 4150 by reading this article. Hope you enjoy reading it!

Motor and mechanism:

The Ronix 4150 Jigsaw is powered by a powerful 550W motor with a voltage of 220-240 volts and a frequency of 50-60 Hz. This motor can create a speed in the range of 1000-3000 RPM. In addition, the drive's six-speed adjustment mechanism provides users with both precision and rapidity.


The weight and design of a tool have a significant impact on the outcome of the job. The Ronix 4150 Jigsaw, with its ergonomic design, 2 kg weight, and ergonomic handle, has enabled users to complete their projects in full control, for many hours and continuously, without experiencing fatigue in the process. In addition, users can make precise diagonal cuts at 0, 15, 30, and 45 degrees by adjusting the angle of this unit's steel base.


The master trigger is located on the handle and there is a dimmer switch with 6 different levels to control the speed of the blade for cutting different materials. The Ronix 4150 also has a four-mode lever switch on the right side to adjust the power level of the blade strike. And like any other tool where you need to hold the trigger for a long period, it has a lock-on button to help you do so.

Maximum saw capacity:

The blade used in this unit is a T-blade, which allows the user to replace the blade faster, easier, and tool-free. The Ronix 4150 can cut up to 65 mm in wood and up to 8 mm in steel. Additionally, if you need angled cuts in wood, its 4-position orbital action improves control and cutting speed.

Accessories and packaging:

Ronix 4150 electric jigsaw comes in a Ronix-designed color box and includes a dust connection tube, a Hex key, and a pair of carbon brushes.

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