Knife Cutter RH-3004

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-Professional strength stainless steel blade channel secures blade for the toughest of cutting jobs -Push button blade clamp reduces blade movement for more precise cutting control -Ergonomic rubber handle for secure, comfortable grip -Integrated Blade Snapper for easy blade snapping -Blade sections snap off providing a fresh, sharp cutting point -7 point steel snap off blade segments -Cartridge holds up 2 extra blades for instant blade replacement -Automatically loads a new blade when current one is ejected -15kg ultra strong auto-lock mechanism provides a secure hold resulting in dependable and safe cutting performance -Great for cutting paper, cardboard, roofing, drywall,...

A Nice Cut

Cutters are used every day for a variety of applications. They all have a blade with a cutting edge that is ideal for the toughest of cutting jobs with precision. Depending on the material that needs to be cut, you can choose between several knife cutters. Make sure that you are using an appropriate knife cutter for your job. Ronix Knife Cutter RH-3004 with 18mm blade is great for cutting paper, cardboard, roofing, drywall, etc.


Model RH-3004
size 18mm
Type Delta Utility Knife Cutter
Style Multi-Function

Detailed Description Knife Cutter RH-3004

If you are going to choose a knife cutter, there are things to consider like the thickness and dimensions of the material, the precision you need, the quality of the cut. Ronix Knife Cutter RH-3004 has a stainless-steel blade channel for the best cutting performances. There’s one hand tool that everyone should have in their toolbox; and there is nothing better than a knife cutter in all workplaces, houses, etc. A galena utility knife is a heavy-duty tool that is great for cutting paper, cardboard, roofing, drywall and, etc. But one wrong move is enough to cause serious harm. This multifunctional Ronix Knife Cutter RH-3004 is perfect for both professionals and DIYers. This 18mm utility knife cutter has a stainless-steel blade channel that makes it perfect for rough cutting jobs. Its ergonomic zinc alloy housing with a rubber handle is for a secure and comfortable grip. Its integrated blade snapper is designed for easy blade snapping. Snap-off blades have more advantages over the other blades; Ronix Knife Cutter RH-3004 can provide a fresh, sharp cutting point. This hand tool with 7-point steel snap-off blade segments, is always sharp and safe. A push button blade clamp is designed for Ronix Knife Cutter RH-3004 to reduce blade movement for more precise cutting control. This galena utility knife cutter is equipped with a 15kg ultra strong auto-lock mechanism that provides a secure hold resulting in dependable and safe cutting performance.

There are different types of knife cutters with a variety of features and styles to choose from, but one thing is certain, they have to be sharp enough to be used for DIY projects, construction such as drywall, roofing, flooring, industrial application, factories, etc. Ronix Knife Cutter RH-3004 with 15kg ultra strong auto-lock is perfect for all your cutting requirements.


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