Knife Cutter RH-3006

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-Stainless steel blade channel for the best cutting performances
-Push button blade clamp reduces blade movement for more precise cutting control
-Ergonomic ABS handle for secure, comfortable grip
-Integrated Blade Snapper for easy blade snapping
-Blade sections snap off providing a fresh, sharp cutting point
-7 point steel snap off blade segments
-15kg ultra strong auto-lock mechanism provides a secure hold resulting in dependable and safe cutting performance
-Great for cutting paper, cardboard, roofing, drywall,...

A Smooth Cut

One of the most popular tools in all workplaces is tesla utility knife cutter. It is also known as a box cutter. These types of knife cutters are designed as multi-purpose cutting tools for use in a variety of professions and crafts. Ronix Knife Cutter RH-3006 with 18mm blade is great for cutting paper, cardboard, roofing, drywall, etc. This hand tool with its stainless-steel blade channel is designed for best cutting performances.


Model RH-3006
size 18mm
Type Tesla Utility Knife Cutter
Style Multi-Function

Detailed Description Knife Cutter RH-3006

There are many different types of knife cutters with different features in markets, but choosing the right one for the right job is important. Depending on the job or the material you are cutting, the right tool should be chosen. If you really want to buy a knife cutter, there will be things that need to be considered; like the characteristics of the material that needs to be cut, the precision you need, the quality of the cut, the blade that you are choosing to do the job, etc. Ronix Knife Cutter RH-3006 has a push button blade clamp to reduce blade movement for more precise cutting control. This hand tool with a 15kg ultra strong auto-lock mechanism provides a secure hold resulting in dependable and safe cutting performance. Using a blade with a good cutting edge will help you to ensure safety and eliminate damage to your project and assure a clean result. Ronix Knife Cutter RH-3006 has a professional stainless-steel blade channel that secures the blade for the best cutting performances. The design of its integrated blade snapper, is for easy blade snapping. With 7-point steel snap-off blade segments, the blade of this hand tool will always remain sharp. Ronix Knife Cutter RH-3006 is a tesla utility knife cutter, multifunctional, and snap-off knife that provides a fresh, sharp cutting point. The ergonomic ABS handle of this tool, is for a secure and comfortable grip. Ronix Knife Cutter RH-3006 offers high performance and can be a solution to all your cutting problems. Tesla utility knife is a heavy-duty and multifunctional hand tool that is great for professionals and DIYers, anyone who needs to cut tough and soft materials.

As you are cutting papers, cardboards, roofing, drywall, etc. you should have a Ronix knife cutter in your tool collection. Ronix Knife Cutter RH-3006 with its stainless-steel blade channel will help you avoid damaging the surface of your work and help your blades last longer.


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