KOHE SS P Type Peeler (Swivel Blade) - 1102.1

KOHE SS P Type Peeler (Swivel Blade) - 1102.1

  • MVR 35.00
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  • Glides through even the tough round fruits & vegetables skin
  • Ultra sharp straight edge for firm peel
  • Swivel blade peel easily with self adjustable action
  • Stainless steel blade for corrosion resistant
  • Provision for easy hanging
  • Food grade PP made ergonomic handle provide safety & durability for long period
  • Dual edges perform both side smoothly
  • Easy to use & clean
  • Dual edges perform both side smoothly
  • Potato eye remover to dig out eyes & blemishes
  • Size 178mm


  • Peeling any round fruits & vegetables like Apple, Potato, Beetroot & more.


A design that is newly created and is shaped in P style provides many features in recent times. A P-type peeler easily glides through the tough surface of round fruits and vegetables. The peeler provides firmness in peeling because of the ultra-sharp straight edges which easily reduces the pressure in a rushing schedule. The peeler is dually edged which performs smoothly from both sides. These are very easy to handle and also washable. The blade is made up of stainless steel which also prevents corrosion which makes it durable for a longer period of time. Handles are food-grade PP made and ergonomic which measures the safety at first place and durability at second. The peeler performs an excellent job of potato eye remover and blemishes very smoothly. The blades of the p-type peeler are swivel which makes the peeling an easy task because of its self-adjusting action. The peeler runs over the round fruits and vegetables like apple, potato, beetroot, orange and many more with proficiency. These peelers do not require much space and are provisioned to a very small amount of hanging space. The shape of the peeler makes it very attractive and adds quality which is supplied by Kohe.

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