KOHE SS Paring Knife - 1131.1

KOHE SS Paring Knife - 1131.1

  • MVR 40.00
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  • Ideal for detailed & controlled cutting
  • Conically ground full length & crosswise blade to glide through
  • Ergonomically designed handle provides a sure grip & easy handling even when wet
  • Hygienic food grade polypropylene handle
  • Laser tested cutting edge angle
  • Size 186mm


  • For precision task like Peeling, Trimming & Slicing small fruits & Vegetables.


Paring knife makes you’re slicing, peeling much easier and speedy. The precise tasks of trimming the small fruits and veggies are done in a heartbeat with the help of a useful paring knife. An amazing handle that is manufactured in ergonomic design assures the firm grip and can be an ideal even if the handling portion is wet. Hygienic food-grade polypropylene handle is at its accurate level of proficiency. The paring knife is proficient in trimming the small veggies and fruits and decorating different types of salads and many more items. The paring knife allows the chef a controlled and detailed form of cutting any small food item. Conically ground full length & crosswise blade to glide through assures the best finishing and a crystal clear-cutting. The edges and the angles of the paring knife is laser tested and is intended for pure smooth cutting and slicing. The best-gripped handle of a paring knife provides the fulfillment in the minds of the chefs of the kitchen. Kohe states the quality of the paring knife at the best and with proficiency.

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