Locking Plier RH-1417

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-Manufactured from high quality CS material for highest resistance during industrial applications
-Nickel coating of the body ensures longer lifetime and less damage during high-pressure jobs
-Advanced design improves performance and convenience
-Induction hardened jaws and teeth according to DIN standard increases abrasion resistance and results in better gripping of different shapes
-Adjusting screw improves the holding pressure and provides maximum locking force
-Included high effective wire cutter mechanism
-Operative trigger release system delivers maximum locking force
-Ergonomic design provides extra comfort and reduce hand fatigue

For Any Industrial Usage

Locking pliers are versatile tools that can be used in a wide range of applications. You can loosen or tighten a bolt or a nut or with them or even use them as a clamper! The Ronix RH-1417 Locking Pliers are made from CS to be as durable as possible and assist you in your projects.


Model RH-1417
Material CS
Product Dimensions 10 inch/250mm
Wire Cutter Yes
Jaw Release Lever Guarded Trigger Release
Jaw Style Curved
Jaw Capacity 48mm
Jaw Thickness 9.5mm

Detailed Description Locking Plier RH-1417

One of the most important points in buying a tool, is its durability. You want to pay for a tool that have a long life cycle and is a active part of your different DIY or industrial projects. Because of that and to ensure their durability, Ronix manufactures its RH-1417, RH-1416 and RH-1417 Locking Pliers from high-quality CS alloy. These locking pliers made from this material have the highest resistance and can withstand continuous industrial and heavy-duty applications. To improve their service life even more, the bodies of these practical hand tools are coated with a layer of nickel. This layer will result in less damage especially during high-pressure jobs.

To cover a wide range of applications, Ronix has manufactured these locking pliers in three different sizes. The RH-1411 has a jaw capacity of 32mm with a jaw thickness of 6.35mm. On the other hand, the RH-1412’s jaw capacity is 38mm and its jaw thickness is 8mm. For the maximum gripping force, the RH-1413 has a jaw capacity of 48mm and a jaw thickness of 9.5mm.

“The most important feature in a locking plier is the quality of its jaws as they are in direct contact with various fasteners and workpieces.” Because of this, the these Ronix hand tools are equipped with induction hardened curved jaws and teeth to help the users grip a variety of objects at different angles. These jaws increase abrasion resistance and provide users with a better and more secure gripping experience.

You can modify the size of the gripping jaws by rotating the adjusting screw at the bottom of the plier’s handle. The screw is designed to provide maximum locking force and improve the holding pressure. To make this tool more versatile, these locking pliers are equipped with a highly effective wire cutter mechanism. So, you will not need to stop your work when you need to cut a wire! Additionally, the operative trigger release system delivers the highest level of gripping and locking force.

To become as useful as possible and even more widen the range of applications that locking pliers can offer, these compact hand tools have a highly effective built-in wire cutter. The operative trigger release system in these useful pliers delivers maximum locking force and also helps the user to release the tool with the minimum force required.

Working long hours with hand tools becomes tiring and in some extreme cases, it may result in irrecoverable damages. We at Ronix believe that it is our commitment to manufacture our products according to ergonomics principles to bring more comfort for our users. This is why these Ronix hand tools have an ergonomic design which provides extra comfort and reduces hand fatigue. The advanced design of the Ronix Locking Pliers improves performance and convenience in situations where extra clamping force is needed.

In conclusion, due to their high quality and great design, the Ronix RH-1417, RH-1416 and RH-1417 Locking Pliers will be a reliable part of your toolbox for many years to come. If you are dealing with heavy-duty tasks at your workshop or job site, absolutely consider these tools.