Long Nose Pliers – Maxi RH-1366

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-Premium quality drop forged and high resistance heated durable steel ensures strength and durability
-Ergonomic non-slip grips provide extra comfort and reduce hand fatigue
-Ergonomic body design combines functionality with convenience
-Excellent levers' power increases performance effectiveness up to 35% more
-Durable steel construction secures long life using
-Precision machined jaws improves secure gripping power and ensures maximum control
-Precision cutting edge ensures lifelong reliable performance

Any Wire Will Bend the Knee

Ronix Maxi RH-1366 and RH-1367 Long Nose Pliers are only different in their sizes, but they exactly deliver the same performances that are expected from a long nose or a needle nose plier. The smaller one is the 6″ (150mm) hand tool in your hands which is more comfortable and enables the operator to work with precision. The bigger one with the size of 8″ (200mm), however, is suitable for workpieces that need more force to apply on them (still by considering precision). The modern design of jaws alongside with the hardened and tempered drop-forged steel and the TPR handles are just the characteristics that make these pliers great choices for your bending, shaping, and cutting needs. What makes long nose pliers very special, is that they are able to bend, cut and grip where fingers and other hand tools are too big. Electricians, network engineers, jewelry makers and anyone who needs to cut and bend any wires, cables and metalworks are those who could definitely benefit from this hand tool. If you are off this list, at least you should have one of these long nose pliers in your home toolkit😊.


Model RH-1366
Product Dimensions 6 inch/150mm

Detailed Description Long Nose Pliers – Maxi RH-1366

Long the choice of the professionals and amateurs, Ronix Maxi RH-1366 and RH-1367 Long Nose Pliers are made of premium quality, drop forged and durable steel. This type of high-resistant hardened and tempered steel ensures strength, durability and long-life use. So, if you are a person who is careful about choosing the right material, our Maxi Long Nose Pliers can be a suitable choice. Almost nothing can be more important than the ergonomics of a plier. That’s why the nonslip TPR handles are fabricated to provide extra comfort and reduce hand fatigue. Moreover, the excellent gripping power increases performance effectiveness. The precision-machined jaws guarantee a secure and reliable workpiece gripping and cutting, and also improve control during applications. If you put all these positive features together, you will see the ergonomic body design combined with functionality and convenience.

Our Ronix Maxi Long Nose pliers (or as others say “needle nose pliers”) are just the tools to reach into tight spots where regular pliers are not suitable for such conditions. You could use them to grip multiple wires or even pick up small screws with their well-designed narrowed-edge jaws. Just be careful to hold such long nose pliers tightly yet with gentle force not to damage the work piece. The rest is piece of cake.

When it comes to buy a long nose plier, an important factor comes up and that is about the design of jaws. The gripping parts and the cutting blades must meet each other evenly. By considering exact production measurements, Ronix machinery and assembly lines move along with the required standard in the tools manufacturing industry. While you are working with your Ronix power tools and hand tools at home or job sites, we, in Ronix R&D Department are working on enhancing the ergonomic design and quality of our newer and “next-generation” tools. Upgrade your skills by Ronix tools.


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