Metal Grinding Wheel RH-3724

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- very high stock removal, very long service life, resin bonded, very productive
-Grinding Application For  cast steel, steel, structural steel, tool steel.
-Suitable for Working on all Angle Grinders Devices  in different Jobs
-Manufactured under accordance of 
 EN 12413 Standard and SQ safety Quality System

Have the Best Finish in Metal

For many metalworkers, the most intense part of their everyday tasks, is the grinding. It is a highly time-consuming task and has a rigorous nature. To decrease the time of grinding operations, Ronix produces metal grinding wheels. The Ronix RH-3704 and RH-3724 Metal Grinding Wheels have an extremely high stock removal and can be widely used in grinding applications for various kinds of steel.

Model RH-3724
size 115x3,0x22,23
shape Depressed
Max Speed 80m/s
Arbor Size 22.23mm
Max Rpm 13300Rpm
Application Grinding Metal
Components Aluminum Oxide
Wheel Diameter 115mm

Detailed Description Metal Grinding Wheel RH-3724

To offer a better grinding experience for the users, Ronix Grinding Wheels have a high level of stock removal. Therefore, you can achieve the final result in less time. These grinding discs have a long service life and you can use and benefit from them in your projects for a long period of time. They are also resin bounded which makes them even more productive and efficient.

The Ronix RH-3704 and RH-3724 Metal Grinding Wheels can be used on a wide range of materials such as cast steel, steel, structural steel, tool steel and etc. In addition, you can use them for finishing off rough edges, smoothing welds and deburring metal parts. If you want to create sharp edges, these metal grinding discs are the right choice for you!

Ronix Metal Grinding Wheels are manufactured in two different sizes. The Ronix RH-3704 Metal Grinding Wheel is 180mm in diameter and can be installed on an angle grinder or a regular table top grinder. The Ronix RH-3724 Metal Grinding Wheel has a 115mm diameter and you can use it on a mini angle grinder and have an easier access to unreachable corners of the workpiece you are working on.

The maximum speed of these power tools accessories are 80m/s and the maximum RPM that you can operate these discs in, is 13300 RPM for RH-3724 and 8500 RPM for RH-3704. To make them suitable for industrial usages in metal fabrication, the Ronix RH-3704 and RH-3724 Metal Grinding Wheels are equipped with Aluminum Oxide components.

Considering all of the features mentioned above, Ronix RH-3704 and RH-3724 Metal Grinding Wheels are great if you are in the metalworking industry and want clean and smooth metal surfaces. Their high level of stock removal will help you get the job done faster and can save a lot of time and effort.


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