Multi-color Test Pen RH-2718

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-Multi-color electrometric voltage light test pen designed on the basis of Ronix standards for high-efficiency electrical functions
-The rods manufactured from high-quality stainless steel which secures high performance in long-term usage
-Ergonomic non-slip designed handle made from ABS environmental plastic for comfortable grip 
-Insulated ABS plastic cover for higher safety during electronic operations
-High-quality replaceable xenon lamp enables high visibility in different situations even in intense light
-Two kinds of applications, one for measuring circuit electrical pen and the other for screwdriver
-Nickel coated tips for perfect fitting in the screw profiles
-Working voltage between 120 to 250V
-Electronic safety resistor secures safety of operation
-Copper cap for more efficiency
-Meets BS, EN & ASDN standards
-Unique Ronix design display color box allows users to select their favorite colors easily

The easiest test of your life is here!

For different toolboxes and workshops, Multi-color Test Pen RH-2714 / RH-2718 is a must-have item. This test pen with its xenon lifetime lamp and slot drive would be your helper in finding the voltage and also screwing. Its non-slip designed handle made from ABS will help its comfortable gripping and the electric safety resistor of the tool secures your safety while working with it! It seems to be a simple tool but the quality has nothing to do with complexity! 


Model RH-2718
Drive Type Slot drive
Packing Display Color box
Rod Material Stainless Steel
Product Dimensions 180mm

Detailed Description Multi-color Test Pen RH-2718

Rods: The unbelievable strength and durability of RH-2714 / RH-2718 are the direct results of its high-quality stainless-steel rod. This manufactured stainless steel rod also secures a high-performance in long-term usage. Its stainless-steel slot drive’s tip has been nickel coated so you can have the perfect fitting while using screwdriver.  These electrometric voltage light test pens are ready to help you in two kinds of applications effortlessly. You can use it for measuring circuit electrical pen and using it as a screwdriver. Test Pen RH-2714 / RH-2718 works with the voltage between 120 to 250V. It also includes an electronic safety resistor for a safe operation. safe, high-quality and durable, what do you need more?

Handles: These ergonomicmulti-color electrometric voltage light test pens are designed to deliver a technical proficiency according to the Ronix high standards. For gripping the tool easily and effortlessly we have designed a non-slip handle made from ABS environmental plastic. We have also insulated an ABS plastic cover on its handle so you wouldn’t need to worry about your safety while doing electronic operations. The light placed in its handle is made of high-quality xenon so it will keep its visibility even in intense light! A copper cap is also placed after the lightbox to improve the efficiency of the test pen. RH-2714 / RH-2718 are two great products with the dimension of 140mm and 180mm. They both meet the BS, EN and ASDN standards and that will leave no rooms for any doubts. Just take your multi-color test pen RH-2714 / RH-2718 in a display color box, select your favorite color and enjoy your colorful electrometric light test pen and screwdriver all at once!

Multi-color Test Pen RH-2714 / RH-2718 is going to be the coolest, high-quality  electrometric voltage light test pen you have ever had! Its stainless-steel rod has been designed to increase the lifetime of your hand tool. It is designed ergonomically with its non-slip handles and nickel-coated tips to amaze you both in voltage testing and screwing!


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